You Sweet Thing - Name that Chocolate

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by eymsbrassband, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. eymsbrassband

    eymsbrassband Member

    The latest quiz has been added to the East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band website. This time the theme is sweets and chocolate. So after all that Christmas eating, how many of you looked at the wrappers? CD prize for the winner, visit to enter.
  2. eymsbrassband

    eymsbrassband Member

    Just over a week to go, if you are thinking of entering then go on - eat some chocolate, look at the wrapper, and see where it fits in. Several entries already received, for some reason this seems to be quite a popular quiz.

    Go on, have a look............
  3. eymsbrassband

    eymsbrassband Member

    Last reminder - just under twenty six hours to go, so if you fancy winning a CD then nows the time. We are closing entries at midnight, tomorrow (Tuesday 30 January 2007).
  4. TheMusicMan

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    And please.... no more bumping.
  5. andreab

    andreab Member

    These are really difficult! (Ok, a bit easier when I realised they weren't anagrams!) I hope there's some Dark Occult and Wobbly Infants along with the cd prize.

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