You Raise me UP - Eb horn solo

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by knocker1606, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. knocker1606

    knocker1606 New Member

    Has anyone played this piece with their band? I'd like to buy it for my band but want to check if its a naff arrangement or not and whether a 3rd section could manage its complexities!!
  2. Nikki T

    Nikki T Member

    I've played it with my 2nd section band and it is a nice arrangement, there is nothing particularly tricky in it, just tuning and the usual stuff. I like it as a solo it works well.
  3. CubbRep

    CubbRep Member

    Roger Thorne will have it.I am sure he also has a full band score for sale from his website.
  4. daveredhead

    daveredhead Member

    And very nice it was too :clap::clap: how's it going ???long time no see

  5. Hells Bones

    Hells Bones Active Member

    How high does it go?
  6. Nikki T

    Nikki T Member

    Top A with an optional top C# to end if you want.

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