Yorkshire Vs North West

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  1. OK folks so we've come across this situation/arguement on many occasions now and so its come to my mind well why isn't there an annual contest to find out, who are better, yorkshire, or northwest bands.

    Forget for a moment about the fact theres a busy enough contest schedule on each year, IF it wasn't the case, and a contest of this nature could be put on, then would it be a worthwhile contest?

    I think it would because it would be the opportunity to play for pride, more than anythingelse, we all know how the northwest prides itself to be better than yorkshire and how yorkshire prides itself on being better than the north west, plus it would be a chance to have 3 adjudicators, all in seperate boxes (the non see through variety ;)), i still feel this would provide a fairer adjudication somehow.

    I'm sure bands would be up for it, especially the west yorkshire and lancashire bands inparticular, theres a meaty rivalry between them! :biggrin:
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    Ummm..... I believe there's already a contest which each of these regions chooses it's best bands to send to, to see which are the best overall - it's called the "National Championships" !
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    Absolutely. Why focus on just two regions Clive, when the others are just as successful in the national finals?
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    There definitely used to be a Yorks versus Lancs contest in the 60s.
  5. aimee_euph

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    I disagree really, having played in NW for about 10years there never has been a rivalry really. Perhaps more between the different regions of NW bands...for example a lancashire band vs. cheshire or merseyside band.

    Maybe in the top sections yes but not so much for the rest.
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    The Yorkshire/Lancashire thing goes back to The War of the Roses surely? Don't think there's ever been a Yorkshire versus North West rivalry, North West covers a wide area, including the Isle of Man. Likewise, the Yorkshire region doesn't cover just one county.

    I certainly don't feel a greater rivalry towards a band located in the north west to a band located anywhere else and any rivalry I do feel is always friendly. Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition but it's not the be all and end all of playing in a band, I enjoy giving a good concert just as much and the appreciation from the audience makes it all the hard work worthwhile.
  7. Isn't it called the National Finals?:confused:
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    Well said there is great respect between yorkshire bands and the north west as there is for bands in all the regions. At the end of the day there is only one winner and that is Music
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    Dead right Ken.
    I remember it being at Huddersfield Town Hall.
    I think (But can't be sure) that there were 2 Sections.
    Section "A" for Champ and 2nd Section, and "B" for 3rd and 4th (No 1st Section in those days)
    There was also an annual Yorkshire V. Midlands contest on the same lines, which I think was held in Chesterfield.
    I went to Chesterfield to listen in 1964, I think it was "Le Preludes" for section "A"
    There was a massed band concert featuring Rushden Temperance and Bradford Victoria to climax the day.
    If my memory is blurred, I'm sure someone will correct me.
    - Wilkie
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    Your memory is as usual spot on Ian and much better than mine! I have just checked my old (First) registration card and I played in the lancs v yorks in 1959 & 1960. You are also correct about the Yorks v Mids. How do you do it??
  11. iancwilx

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    If you asked me what happened last Tuesday, I'd be struggling Ken !!
    - Ian
  12. JR

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    correct! - and there used to be a Yorks v Durham in the 50s - there's a press cutting framed on the wall in Skelmanthorpe's bandroom
    My Dad remembers those contests well when he conducted and played for Rothwell Temps well over half a centusry ago

    John Roberts
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    I don't think there's anything wrong with this idea! In my neck of the woods nestled right under the Pennines (on the best side, by the way!) there is definitely a bit of a Lancs/Yorks rivalry, though how much is to be decided on. By a brass band contest perhaps! Imagine the possibilities! Milnrow vs Hebden Bridge, Wardle vs Slaithwaite, Oldham vs Elland, Littleborough vs Friendly? This is just with bands within 10 miles of the border. Maybe it could be limited to the Pennine Borders? Most yorkshire folk living on the border wish they were 5 miles further west anyway!!!!!

    Cue the abuse........!!
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    Spot on!
  15. ronnie_the_lizard

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    So which side will the saddleworth bands play for ???

  16. No Matt i think you've come up with a better 1 there, a Pennines contest, you set the boundaries and put on the contest

    I did mention in my original post that it would be especially interesting for the bands of WEST yorkshire and Lancashire insted of the whole north west, but the idea of perhaps having Calderdale and the east lancashire area bands against each other would be a tasty prospect, as you pointed out matt, some good friendly rivalries are there, Shame the Tod Old band isnt still up and runnin coz they would have been the enigma band, do they enter as yorkshire, or lancashire?, for me it would have had to be LANCASHIRE!, most toddies would totally dissagree with that, for example, MY MUM! LOL, thats another story though

    Try and keep the more positive posts coming along, keeps it a happy thread then :D
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    Harry Hill Knows A Way To Settle This...

    see you after the break! ;)
  19. Chris Sanders

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    Saddleworth is in Oldham, they have an Oldham postcode, Oldham is in Lancashire...
  20. Bayerd

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    Fair enough, but you try telling someone born and bred in Delph they're not a Yorkshireman................