Yorkshire Schools Brass Band Possible Reunion

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    I am looking into the possibility of arranging a Reunion for former members of the "Yorkshire Schools Brass Band". I was a member of the band during the early 1960's when George Bradshaw was the Conductor. The sectional tutors included Tom Atkinson, Arthur Atkinson, Jack Emmott etc.

    We performed all over the Yorkshire region from Scarborough in the east and Halifax in the west. The number of concerts averaged about four a year. Our Guest Conductors included George Malcolm and Arthur Butterworth. The administrator was Peter Room during the early years of the band.

    Many players passed though the ranks of the band and many also joined the National Youth Brass Band. These players included: Keith Wilkinson, Ian Copland, John Hardy, Ian Wilkinson and many other excellent instrumentalists.

    Please pm me or email me(brassmattaz@gmail.com) if you are interested in attending a reunion in the future.

    Thank you for your interest.

    trombo/Steve Ford
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    Has anyone got the contact details for Peter Room?
    Please pm me or email:brassmattaz@gmail.com.

    Thank you

    trombo/Steven Ford
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    I used to be in the Yorkshire Schools Band and remember the people you mention. Most played in the Bradford Boys Band under Arthur Atkinson and there were some excellent players. I think Ian Copland played Bass trombone and wasn't John Hardy son of Brighouse and Rastrick conductor. If same one attended Carlton Grammar same time as me Remember concert with Yorks Schools in which we were conducted by Jimmy Edwards. You brought up some happy memories. I played second trombone.