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    I have a friend that would really like to get hold of a copy of the testpiece played by Rotherham band at the area in 1982. From my research I understand they were 4th section but can't find out what the piece was called. Can anyone help? I would be really grateful. Thanks for reading :) Kate
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    According to the SBBA website, it was a piece called Excelsior by Hanmer - my band came 4th, and I remember the piece, erm...., not at all. :rolleyes:
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    Thank you for your speedy post..it's been a nightmare trying to find the piece. I guess it's going to be a whole new nightmare trying to find a recording of it!! Any suggestions would be really appreciated :)
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    Excelsior! is by Howard Snell, not arranged by Howard Snell. It was the 3rd section Pontins test-piece a few years ago. However, this was written in 1998 for the St Helens Youth Band.

    As far as I can tell (from 4BR) the 1982 Regional test-piece for the 4th section was as previously mentioned; Excelsior by Ronald Hanmer. Seems unlikely to have been arranged by anyone, because Hanmer was quite capable of scoring his own brass band music!

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