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  1. stuartw

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    The Yorkshire Regional Brass Band Website has just had a major upgrade.

    New features include geographical information on bands with a map showing band locations across the region with the options to get driving directions to many locations. There is also a 'find my nearest band' tool where you can enter your post code to find the closest bands to any UK address. Each band also has a focussed individual page showing their recent contest perfromaces as well as links to their own websites.

    Other features include a searchable database of results back to 1998 and grading tables back to 2000.

    You can browse the updated site at the usual place

    The website also has the precontest grading positions displayed for the 2008 yorkshire championships.

    The committee hope that bands will find the resource useful.

    Thanks to all the bands and TMP members who helped me assemble some of the key geographical information.


  2. postie

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    I must say I am very impressed well done to all involved in the upgrade. Certainly very interesting to look at.
  3. markyboy

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    A lot of time and effort gone into this website , thanks very much !

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