Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2010

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  1. Di

    Di Active Member

    Yorkshire Regional Championships
    Championship Section
    Sunday 7th March 2010
    Draw: 3.30pm
    Start: 5.30pm

    English Heritage, George Lloyd
    Adjudicators, Derek Broadbent & C Brian Buckley

    Black Dyke, Dr Nicholas J Childs
    Brighouse & Rastrick, Prof David King
    Carlton Main Frickley Colliery, Phillip McCann
    Drighlington, Jim Davies
    Grimethorpe Colliery, Allan Withington
    Hepworth (Cookson Homes), Ian Porthouse
    Marsden Silver, Glyn Williams
    Old Silkstone, Chris Hirst
    Powerfuel Hatfield, Graham O'Connor
    Rothwell Temperance, David Roberts
    Skelmanthorpe, John Roberts
    Stannington, Derek Renshaw
    Wakefield Metropolitan, Norman Law


    Yorkshire Regional Championships
    First Section
    Saturday 6th March, 2010
    Draw: 1.30pm
    Start: 3.00pm approx

    A Moorside Suite, Gustav Holst
    Adjudicators: Lynda Nicholson & Kevin Wadsworth

    City of Sheffield (formerly Stocksbridge), David Holling
    Cornerstone Brass, Gavin Lamplough
    Hade Edge, Simon Wood
    Hammonds Saltaire, Morgan Griffiths
    Hebden Bridge, Roy Curran
    Holme Silver (Disposables UK Group), Duncan Beckley
    Kippax, David Lancaster
    Lindley, Jim Davies
    Meltham & Meltham Mills, Stuart Fawcett
    Slaithwaite, Barry Hudson
    Yorkshire Co-op, Simon Kerwin
    Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel, tba

    Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2010


    Yorkshire Regional Championships
    Second Section

    Saturday 6th March 2010
    Draw: 9.00am
    Start: 10.30am

    The Kingdom of Dragons, Philip Harper
    Adjudicators: C Brian Buckley and Steve Pritchard-Jones

    Barnsley Building Society, tba
    City of Bradford (formerly YBS concert), Alan Holdsworth
    Dodworth Colliery, M W Eliot Darwin
    Emley, Garry Hallas
    Frickley/South Elmsall, David Nichols
    Garforth, Steven Bailey
    Grange Moor, Michael Howley
    Horbury Victoria, Duncan Beckley
    Knottingley Silver, Dr Owen Wedgwood
    Rockingham, Roland Spencer
    South Yorkshire Police, Leigh Baker
    Strata, David Hirst


    Yorkshire Regional Championships
    Third Section

    Sunday 7th March 2010
    Draw: 8.00am
    Start: 9.30am
    Labour and Love, Percy Fletcher
    Adjudicators: Alan Morrison and Lynda Nicholson

    Armthorpe Elmfield, Hayden Griffiths
    Chapeltown Silver, Andrew Dennis
    Clifton & Lightcliffe, John Clay
    Crofton Silver, Tim Sidwell
    Elland, James Shepherd
    Gawthorpe, Stephen Bradnum
    Gawthorpe Brass ‘85’, John Edward
    Lofthouse 2000, Andrew Whitaker
    Maltby Miners Welfare, Terry Clifford
    Skelmanthorpe ‘B’, Philip Garlick
    West Yorkshire Police, Captain Gary Clegg
    Wetherby & District Silver, Alan Seymour


    Yorkshire Regional Championships
    Fourth Section

    Sunday 7th March 2010
    Draw: 12.00noon
    Start: 1.30pm
    Saint-Saens Variations, Philip Sparke
    Adjudicators: Philip Sparke and Steve Pritchard-Jones

    Barnsley Metropolitan, Alex Francis
    Clifton & Lightcliffe B, John Clay
    Deepcar, Gavin Somerset
    Dinnington, Jonathan Beatty
    Friendly Band (Sowerby Bridge), Colin Hardy
    Haworth, Charles Hindmarsh
    Huddersfield & Ripponden Brass, Tony Jaeger-Fozard
    Linthwaite, G Pulleyn
    Oughtibridge, Alan Coe
    Thurcroft Welfare, Kenneth Vernon
    Wilsden, Ken Lee
    Worsbrough Brass, John Hopkinson
  2. Jethro

    Jethro Member

    Yorkshire regionals

    I would just like to say, that after all that has been said in the media and on tmp, that myself and the band would like to wish all of the bands and bandspersons who are competing tomorrow at Bradford, all the very best of luck.
    We are hoping for a good day out with friends old and new.
    Once again folks good luck and maybe we will see you in the bar afterwards..

    Jethro (and all at the Dinnington Colliery Band):clap:
  3. John_D

    John_D Member

    Just beyond the edge
    I'm not playing this years (unfortunately), but will be at St Georges Hall tomorrow to watch/ listen to the action.

    See you all there.
  4. ThomasJPitts

    ThomasJPitts New Member

    Good luck all. Any news to report?
  5. Di

    Di Active Member

    Second Section draw, courtesy www.4barsrest.com

    Barnsley Building Society (Rob Straw)(1)
    Dodworth Colliery M.W. (Eliot J. Darwin)(4)
    Emley (Garry Hallas)(5)
    Frickley/South Elmsall (David Nichols)(3)
    Garforth (Steven Bailey)(10)
    Grange Moor (Mark Bentham)( 8 )
    Knottingley (Dr Owen Wedgewood)(7)
    Rockingham (Roland Spencer)(6)
    South Yorkshire Police (Leigh Baker)(2)
    Strata (David Hirst)(9)

    Horbury Victoria (Duncan Beckley)(withdrawn)
  6. critic

    critic Member

    West Yorkshire
    Should be a great weekend. the championship section should be the best for ages andfiercely contested
  7. monkeyhanger

    monkeyhanger New Member

    Hi, i would just like to say that the media coverage that we,Dinnington Colliery Band has had this week HAS got to be good for banding in general,it has brought the Brass Band movement into the public eye,so if it gets new members to knock on the countries bandroom doors,then it has been a succsess and it may well keep the banding tradition going in this country.I have been proud to be a part of this,and to all of you at Bradford tomorrow,the best of luck,kenny peel ,2nd Euph,Dinnington Colliery Band
  8. andyfake

    andyfake Member

    Wakefield, West Yorks
    2nd Section Results:

    1 Knottingley
    2 South Yorks Police
    3 Grange Moor
    4 Rockingham
    5 Garforth
    6 Frickley/South Elmsall
    7 Barnsley Building Society
    8 Strata
    9 Dodworth
    10 Emley
  9. andyfake

    andyfake Member

    Wakefield, West Yorks
    2nd Section Unofficial Provisional Final Grading Points:

    Frickley South Elmsall 13 prom
    Grange Moor 13 prom
    Knottingley 13.5 (can win at Finals for promotion)
    South Yorks Police 14 (can win at Finals for promotion)
    Strata 17
    Garforth 17.5
    Barnsley Building Society 21
    Rockingham 21
    Emley 22.5
    Dodworth 23
    City of Bradford 23.5 rel
    Horbury 29 rel
  10. andyfake

    andyfake Member

    Wakefield, West Yorks
    Very unofficial 2nd Section points going forward into next year:

    Knottingley 7.5 (unless promoted through finals win)
    South Yorkshire Police 8 (unless promoted through finals win)
    Garforth 11.5
    Strata 13
    Barnsley Building Society 15
    Rockingham 15
    Dodworth 16
    Emley 16.5

    I think incoming bands will have 2 x 6.5 = 13pts, so those of us in the bottom 4 will have it all to do!

    Right that's the Area done for another year - I'm off to listen to the football!
  11. Al

    Al Member

    Nice work andyfake.

    I think the incoming bands will have 6 + 6.5 = 12.5 points.

    What happened to City of Bradford (formerly YBS Concert?) They are listed at the top of this thread.
  12. Al

    Al Member

  13. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Wem, Shropshire UK
    Instead of all the guesswork and speculation regarding promotion and relegation (which we seem to be inundated with at this time of year) can I suggest that we wait for the official league tables to be announced by the respective 'area/regional' committee secretarys.

  14. MRSH

    MRSH Supporting Member

    North Lancing
    First Section:
    Saturday 6th March

    Draw: 1.00pm
    Start: 2.30pm approx
    Adjudicators: Lynda Nicholson & Kevin Wadsworth

    1. Meltham and Meltham Mills (Stuart Fawcett), 10
    2. Hebden Bridge (Roy Curran), 9
    3. Cornerstone (Gavin Lamplough), 2
    4. Hade Edge (Simon Wood), 7
    5. Hammonds Saltaire (Morgan Griffiths), 4
    6. City of Sheffield (David Holling), 5
    7. Lindley (Paul Andrews), 1
    8. Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel (David Nesbitt), 8
    9. Kippax (David Lancaster), 3
    10. Slaithwaite (Barry Hudson), 6
    11. Yorkshire Co-op (Simon Kerwin), 12
    12. Holme Silver (Disposables UK Group) (Duncan Beckley), 11

    Courtesy of 4barsrest
  15. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Gutted. Absolutely gutted.
    We came off stage really pleased with how we'd played, listened to the last three bands and felt really happy with how we'd played compared with what we'd managed to hear, listened to the adjudicators saying how several bands had let themselves down by rushing, overblowing, not enough articulation, not enough light and shade, trying to copy the regional cd etc, all of which made us feel even better seeing as all the bands we heard had played it so much quicker than we had (our conductor had been to the workshop and listened to the composer stress that the tempos were most important, especially the fact that they had to relate to each other throughout the piece), so we had played the piece at exactly the tempo written on the score only to find we've come last and everything the adjudicators said they'd been looking for in the piece was somehow irrelevant when it came to actually writing the marks down. Most gutting is the fact that no one we've spoken to thought we deserved to come last. Unfortunately the only two people that matter today did.

    Gutted. just utterly gutted. Would really appreciate anyones comments if they heard us today if only to find whether you agree with the adjudication. Gotta say, todays result really hurt. We genuinely felt we'd done enough to be away from the bottom at very least.
  16. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    From what i've heard from the hall the first section results are very questionable.

    Congratulations to all those who have done well.
  17. Congrats to Owen and all at Knottingley, great result. Shame to see my old mates at Strata under achieve again, the yorkshires seem to be a bit of a stumbling block for them.
    Also a shame to see Imps and Kipp down the rankings.
  18. andyfake

    andyfake Member

    Wakefield, West Yorks
    Ridiculous Post - how pompous can you get Mr Thorne?

    The Yorkshire Regional Commitee publish the pre-contest grading tables so that there is no speculation whatsoever. One simply adds the result to the existing grading score. I think my degree and post-graduate qualification probably suffice to qualify me to add two numbers together. The word "provisional" is there because there is, of course, an appeals procedure against promotion/relegation, but the points stay the same regardless.
    1st Section table (unofficial of course!!) to follow shortly.

    It's a darn sight more interesting than cyber-bookmaking!!
  19. andyfake

    andyfake Member

    Wakefield, West Yorks
    1st Section Grading Points - Unofficial of course and subject to confirmation by the Regional Commitee, following any appeals procedures etc etc

    Hebden Bridge 15 prom
    Hade Edge 16 prom
    Hammonds Saltaire 19
    Meltham 18 (Can be promoted by winning the Finals)
    City of Sheffield 18.5
    Imps 22
    Cornerstone 22.5
    Kippax 23
    Holme Silver 26
    Yorkshire Co-op 27
    Slaithwaite 27.5 rel
    Lindley 29 rel

    *Edited Hammonds Saltaire score to 19, and Cornerstone to 22.5*
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 6, 2010
  20. andyfake

    andyfake Member

    Wakefield, West Yorks
    And the points bands would carry into next year's contest (provisional, unofficial etc etc)

    Meltham 5 (Unless promoted at Finals)
    City of Sheffield 11
    Hammonds Saltaire 11.5
    Imps 14.5
    Cornerstone 15
    Kippax 15.5
    Holme Silver 18.5
    Yorkshire Co-op 22

    Average points for incoming bands should be 13, I think!

    p.s. Hammonds in first post should read 19, not 18
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2010
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