Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2009

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    I was under the impression that the problems with tempo was more to do with bands taking Water (or was it wind?) too slow. The movement felt like it should go at about 70 bpm when it was actually marked 92 bpm. It took a lot of work to get it to the composer's marked speed and keep the style - think that was a challenge a few bands failed on.
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  2. tpcornet12

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    Id be very surprised if any bands played water faster than 92. Not that it would be difficult - it just wouldn't sound right!!
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    The Second Movement, Wind starts at 92 increasing to 100 then back to 92 and Movement 4, Water, was 72 to start then from S marked 60.

    I was not playing with a band myself, but one of the bands I know was almost spot on 92, (recording afterwards proved this) but one of the adjudicators stated it was too slow, the other thought it was good!!! :confused:

    I was particularly referring to the 1st movement where some placed bands were well below the tempo.
  4. Quite agree. It hardly seems fair after some kept to the stated tempo (which would be more difficult to get the detail in) and seemed to be given no credit for this.
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    I agree too, the second movement was nearly grinding to a halt in some performances but didn't seem to be taken into account by the adjudicators.

    Can't win, slow a piece below stated tempo and you're penalised for not adopting correct tempo, on a different day do the same thing and win. It's a crazy world!
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    Simon never takes the score on stage
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    yes you are right Kieren lol
    Nationals soon.. well in like 6months.. but whatever.. im too excited :clap:
    and thurcroft at top of the legue next year.. yay :biggrin:
  8. Response to talk about Cornerstone brass is as follows. The area has been and gone no time to dwell so we have moved on. See you all next year.;)
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    I'd like to congratulate the three "Holme Valley" bands for all qualifying for the National Finals. All these bands are based within a few miles of Holmfirth and it's great to see Hepworth, Hade Edge and Holme all representing Yorkshire in the finals. Special congratulations to Holme who were unable to raise a band for the area two years ago - it proves you can take a step back to take two forward - other bands take note. :clap:
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    Well said but as usuall nothing in the local press but then again what do you expect from them.
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    the adjudicators at Bedworth did - either they've learnt from previous weekends or they just wanted something different.

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