Yorkshire Regional Championships - 2009

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Di, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Well done for yesterday, cracking result!
  2. Wanny

    Wanny New Member

    Thanks Rob! Petrifying but totally worth it, was so proud to be part of the team yesterday. Still can't stop grinning!! :D
  3. paddo

    paddo Member

    well if you play like that and your petrified, dont ever lose it hun :)

    also just had a look at the yorkshire brass band association site and with 2007/2008 positions along with this years they look a lot like this....

    07 08 09 total points
    dyke 3 1 4 8
    B&R 1 5 5 11
    Rothwell 7 4 1 12
    Grimethorpe 8 2 3 13
    Hepworth 2 9 2 13
    carlton Main 4 3 7 14
    Skelmanthorpe 6p 6p 6 18
    Stannington 6p 6p 10 22
    Hatfield 5 11 9 25
    Marsden 12 6 8 26
    Imps 6 10 12 28
    hammonds 11 8 11 30

    it should be inline but for some reason on here its not, sorry

    i am bored and nursing a massive hangover.......
  4. squirrel

    squirrel Member

    ...........2007 2008 2009 total points
    dyke......... 3 .. 1 .. 4 ... 8
    B&R.......... 1 .. 5 .. 5 .. 11
    Rothwell..... 7 .. 4 .. 1 .. 12
    Grimethorpe.. 8 .. 2 .. 3 .. 13
    Hepworth..... 2 .. 9 .. 2 .. 13
    carlton Main. 4 .. 3 .. 7 .. 14
    Skelmanthorpe 6p . 6p . 6 .. 18
    Stannington.. 6p . 6p. 10 .. 22
    Hatfield..... 5 . 11 .. 9 .. 25
    Marsden..... 12 .. 6 .. 8 .. 26
    Imps......... 6 . 10 . 12 .. 28
    hammonds.... 11 .. 8 . 11 .. 30

    That should sort it...
  5. stuartw

    stuartw Member

    Otley, W.Yorkshire

    Sorry but you have the averages for the previous years wrong for these 2 bands, they should be 7 and 6.5 fo 2007 and 2008 The pre contest grading table broke overnight on the yorkshire area site as the date of the next contest automatically adjusted. I have now fixed that so you can see the pre contest positions on line again.


  6. tsawyer

    tsawyer Member

    How is this worked out?


  7. stuartw

    stuartw Member

    Otley, W.Yorkshire
    It is the average mark for the competing bands for each year of the contest. In 2007 13 bands played in the championship section so the average mark is 7 for that year. In 2008 only 12 bands played and so the average mark is 6.5.
    One point of confusion is that everyones first instinct is that the average marks should be half the number of bands playing, this is not the case.
    Total points on the day for 12 bands = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12 = 78
    78/12 = 6.5

    Hope that this helps

  8. tuba1974

    tuba1974 Member

    very interesting Ist section next year,
    Is it 2 bands down from the champ section or 3,
    yorkshire imps and hammonds in the Ist section wow,
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  9. TracyKeith

    TracyKeith New Member

    South Elmsall
    Well done FRICKLEY and Simon Sanderson (Principal Cornet) for getting best soloist on the day and 2nd overall :) . Nationals here we come.... You are all fab and we have waited long enough to get back in the results.

    Im so proud to be the secretary/player and will try very hard to raise enough money to get you all a fab weekend in Harrogate in September.

    Bring it on.......................

    Well done to every other contesting band over the weekend as it is so much hard work and dedication for one day.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2009
  10. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    Does anyone have a list of the current 1st section Yorkshire rankings including this years results please? Cheers.
  11. Blossom

    Blossom Member

    Haven't got a list but look on www.regional-contest.org.uk/yorkshire The 2009 grading tables are on and all the 2009 results so easy to work them out for yourself.
  12. kierendinno

    kierendinno Member

    4th section may possibly look a bit like this! (although I could be, and probably am, wrong...)

    So Maltby and Armthorpe go up...

    Puts us in a good position for next year though as Thurcroft will be top with 8 points going into next year...

    Maltby Miners Welfare 6 3 1 10
    Armthorpe Elmfield 6 4 5 15
    Huddersfield and Ripponden Brass 6 5.5 4 15.5
    Linthwaite 4 9 3 16
    Wilsden 6 5.5 6 17.5
    Thurcroft Welfare 10 6 2 18
    Worsborough 6 5.5 8 19.5
    Dinnington 6 5.5 10 21.5
    Friendly Band 6 7 9 22
    Deepcar 6 10 7 23
    Tingley 9 8 10 27
    Haworth 8 11 10 29
    Markham Main 11 11 10 32
    Dearne Valley Brass 12 11 10 33
  13. barroweuph

    barroweuph New Member

    Well said!! Excellent performance on a brilliant day. :clap:

    Bring on the Nationals!!!
  14. Valvecap

    Valvecap Member

    Hook Goole, East Yorkshire
    Just seen the retros are up on 4br... anyone know if there is likely to be a gallery of events going up anywhere? Certainly from an Mds point of view I was very much aware of a number of photograpers when the band were on stage...
  15. critic

    critic Member

    West Yorkshire
    WHAT was a highlight on sunday night was the great support the bands got from the st george hall audience it created a great atmosphere all through the top section and in contrast to the north west in the opera house which was as flat as bad ale.
  16. markyboy

    markyboy Member

    You didn't do too badly yourself Rob !

    There will be performances not as good as Skelmanthorpes that will qualify for the National Finals .
  17. Kerwintootle

    Kerwintootle Member

    Queensbury, Bradford
    Sunday was my first Yorkshire Area in 12 years. It was fantastic and a real bonus to play to a full hall for band number one.

    Huge congratulations to Rothwell and Hepworth. :clap: and well done to Mark Wears for his solo prize on Saturday.
  18. GC.

    GC. New Member

    Well done to all the bands at Yorkshire last weekend. I felt very proud and honoured listening to 12 performances of my composition Pentacle – especially at St. Georges Hall at ‘my area’ where I’ve played so many times.

    There were some fine performances, with all the bands again having had at the very least a good go at it. I was particularly impressed with the effort and performances by the newly promoted second section bands. Well done – a great effort on what must have been a huge challenge and step up.

    With a couple of exceptions - again like for the North West, sorry to disappoint, I don’t want to go into detail much about individual bands performances. I’m happy once again with the adjudicator’s results (boring I know! - I will say if I really disagree, I promise!). I totally agree with the top 2 and the bottom 2 and I had bands 3 to 7 the same - albeit in a slightly different order (mentioning no names though!!)

    Congratulations to Wakefield Met for a stunning performance. Full of detail and you could see Norman Law (the conductor) really bringing out every nuance during the performance too – he obviously really got into the music. As did the conductor of Hade Edge – and without a score I believe! WOW! Congratulations to the whole Hade Edge band who gave a confident and complete performance. I said at the time it would take a very fine performance to beat it, and in the end that’s what happened.

    A few have been asking me my opinion about Cornerstone brass (including their own players). Well, I was hugely disappointed with their performance I’m afraid. I was expecting big things from the reports, but in the end I felt they just didn’t get into the piece at all. I thought the first movement was quite good and tight (and the last I think) - but the tempo of the slow movements weren’t just slow, they were very, very slow and ended up just dragging - which exposed some quite loose playing. Sorry, I’m sure you’ll have better luck next time though.

    Finally, well done to Drighlington for coming 3rd. I thought it was a good performance that perhaps rocked in the middle just a touch, but had some very good soloists. Yes I may have left in 2001 – and no I didn’t give them any help (quite how, I was never really sure) – but they are still my village band that I had many, many fantastic years with. Well done to them and to all the other friends I knew playing with other bands.

    . . . . . still can’t believe it was my piece they were all playing! Fantastic feeling.

    Midlands next :)

  19. YRBBC

    YRBBC Member

    Now the dust has settled a little I should just like to say a huge 'thank you' to everyone involved in the Yorkshire Regional last weekend.

    Thank you to all the bands who competed for their hard work, commitment and dedication and thankyou also to all the supporters who came, many of whom were there all weekend and listened to every band.

    From our point of view everything ran smoothly (except for the computerised ticket system crashing ) and on Sunday evening to stand on stage and look out on such an audience makes one proud to be a 'tyke' on Bradford weekend.

    Congratulations to all the qualifiers for the finals and to everyone else - keep up the good work - it could be your turn next year. :clap:

    Peggy Tomlinson
  20. Charmed

    Charmed Active Member


    I've tried not to say anything, but can no longer keep quiet.................

    I wonder if Mr Cole would like to give his thoughts on some of the different tempos played by the bands? The adjudicators felt it was better not to play at the tempos marked in order to hear the detail from bands who could not give the detail at the correct tempo. To me, this might be acceptable when performing pieces at concerts, but at a contest? Surely the idea of a 'test' piece is to provide a piece of music that will test bands? :confused: If a movement is marked 180 crochets per beat, then surely playing this at say 140 is not playing the piece as it is written? If a movement is 92, playing it faster (to avoid too much exposure, maybe???) is not what the composer wanted. And okay, if a band can't play within distance of the correct tempo, then surely they should be marked down!!! All I can say is god help some of those that have been promoted as a result of these decisions.

    I must say that the adjudication for the whole Yorkshire weekend has left me speechless. It is clear that bands can no longer play a 'test piece' the way it is written and expect to be there or thereabouts! I do understand there is an element of musical interpretation involved, I've been involved in banding and contesting long enough! However, when a band adjusts the tempos so much in order for them to be able to play it, and then get in the prizes!!!! I really believe adjudicators need to go back to basics for contests and then add on points for musical interpretation.

    Just my opinion of course, but then I am right! :biggrin:
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