Yorkshire police band- 9/11

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    Unfortunately i only caught the tail end of the conversation but while helping Pendennis out this afternoon at a concert in falmouth an audience member came forward to the conductor during the interval-
    He was from yorkshire, and belonged to a police band that is currently in america playing at the 9/11 tributes. Obviously the gentleman in the audience wasnt able to go to america himself- health reasons i believe.

    Anyway, wondered if anyone on tmp knows which band it could be? and any possible contact details?
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    It will be either West Yorkshire or South Yorkshire, North Yorkshire doens't have a band, and Humberside Police which covers East Yorkshire is a wind band, and they only go as far as Grimsby.


    It's actually 25 members of the West Yorkshire Police Band who have been invited over to play at the ceremony. Was on the news this morning as I was driving to work.
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    and any deps that they need of course ---- think they were after a flugel / cornet........
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    Our top trombone is playin for em!!!! (proud o ya Vicki!!!)
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    West country visitor


    Yes, the west country visitor was retired Police Sergeant Tony Oldroyd of the West Yorkshire Police Band who was holidaying in that part of the world. Tony, was our long standing BBb Bass until fairly recently and has now moved on to 2nd Horn unfortunately he was not able to go to New York. I hope to send tMP a report on behalf of the band about the trip. This was a truly memorable occasion for the band to be invited to take part in the 9/11 commemorations. I will also ensure Tony sees where he has a mention on tMP

    Thank you

    Chris Helme
    Concert Secretary West Yorkshire Police Band
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    See, knew tmp would have all the answers. Glad to hear the trip went well, even tho it was a sad occasion.