yorkshire hymn and march contests

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by madandcrazytromboneguy, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. madandcrazytromboneguy

    madandcrazytromboneguy Member

    this year has seen a fair amount of march contests held in yorkshire, the 4 that come to mind are:


    are there any other yorkshire hymn and march contests held in yorkshire or is it just them 4?

    also what other h+m contests are there around england, besides the world famous whit friday ;)

    has any band competed at all 4 of the above this year?

    please name and fame (or shame lol) them

    the format seems to be very popular and i have to admit to being a keen admirer myself
  2. Kath2

    Kath2 Member

    Don't forget the Marsden March and hymn contest.
  3. Tracey

    Tracey Member

    Barnsley, South Yorkshire
    There's also Easingwold, but in the past there has been ones at Meltham and Diggle but not sure if they're still going!

    Silkstone isn't until this coming Saturday!
  4. a very flat b

    a very flat b Member

    Blessington, Ireland
    Isn't there one in Holmfirth?
  5. blasterbates

    blasterbates Member

    the pub
    The Holmfirth Contest holds a march down the main street after the results have been announced, but it's only a deportment prize up for grabs as bands parade their trophies - and after an afternoon in The Postcard across the road, it usually goes to the only band who can still stand up. :biggrin:
  6. barrytone

    barrytone Member

    I was in Nottingham the other week listening to a local band and as a northerner who regularly participates in march contests, I asked them what their local march contests are and if they participate. They didn't seem to have an idea if there were any march contests in their area and weren't particularly interested in entering any that took place.

    They had never competed at Whit Friday and didn't really see the point in shooting round the villages of Saddleworth and Tameside on a bus on a Friday evening along with hundreds of other bands.

    Having said that, last march contest at Morley had Shirland Welfare B Band competing and they seemed to enjoy themselves but admitted that they needed to come north to find march contests.

    Is it a northern phenomenon? Do we have a fixation with marching round villages, in July, predominantly in the pouring rain, to entertain fellow bandsmen, supporters and the wider general public? I really enjoy march contests, they seem to enjoy a wide following as I have seen several spectators at more than one event.

    Think the last one is coming up this weekend at Silkstone, good luck to all competing bands, hope it's as successful an event as the contests at Easingwold, Marsden, Brighouse and laterly Morley that I've attended.
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