Yorkshire Fantasy

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  1. barrowgirl

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    What do people think of the piece Yorkshire Fantasy?
  2. agentorange

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    not much!
  3. Sellers_Bird

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    Never even heard of it!!
  4. Charmed

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    A Yorkshire Fantasy was a new piece commissioned by Yks & Humberside BBA to celebrate its Golden Jubilee. This piece was to be given to all member bands as part of the celebration. Originally a representative had to be sent to either the Jubilee Concert in Ripon or to one of the delegate meetings to be given a copy. However, at the last delegates meeting on 22nd July, it was decided that as funding had been successful, the bands who had not collected theirs would now receive them by post.

    We have not received our copy, so cannot say what it is like.
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  5. picju96

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    Cheesy and catchy
  6. zak

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    I didn't like it when we gave it the 1st run through at Grimey prior to its first performance. Too cheesy for my liking but I suppose it's fairly easy on the ear and would make a half decent piece for a park job etc.
  7. Straightmute

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    We've found quite a few mistakes in it which probably means that it is going to be chosen as one of next year's area test pieces...

    I'm with Shaun on this one - it is lightweight and cheerful and I've liked it more as we've rehearsed it. So far as light bandstand material goes, I've heard a lot worse. Does anyone know the names of the tunes (apart from Ilkley Moor and Scarborough Fair) or has Goff made them up?

  8. 1st Position

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    I went to the meeting - certainly an experience that everyone in the YHBBA should go endure, it explained a lot!

    Back to the piece, I got a copy and................................................. it's still in the car as we haven't had the opportunity to do something with it yet.
  9. 1st Position

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    It was mentioned at the YHBBA that the percussion parts are different to the score.

    All instantly recognisable to proper Yorkshire Folk, but those imports may not recognise 'Mines a Tetleys & make sure it's a full pint', or 'Yes, we have no black pudding', or 'Old Faithful', or even 'It was a cold night and we had brown bread and butter'. :)
  10. Straightmute

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    Not to mention 'Lend Me a Fiver', 'Your Round I Believe' and 'I Seem to have Mislaid my Wallet'...

  11. 1st Position

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    Nearly, the correct title is 'Lend Me a White Fiver'.

    And a Yorkshire man never loses his wallet, always safe, especially when its our turn to buy.

    10/10 for the other contribution though, mines a bitter, thanks for asking! :)
  12. brassneck

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    Would you believe I haven't heard this piece yet? Am I lucky?
  13. cornetgirl

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    Honestly??? Yes!

    Rach x
  14. brassneck

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    :) ... but I'm still curious though!
  15. robcornet

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    We played it through at Cottingham Band and I think I was the only person that liked it, but there again I've not been banding long and wouldn't know a good peice of music if someone hit me with it!!!!
  16. 1st Position

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    I'll have a word with your missus, I'm sure she'll do the honours!! :) :)
  17. robcornet

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    I'm sure she would!! what did you think of it?:frown:
  18. 1st Position

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    Keep up Rob, it's still in the boot of my car, as it was on page one of this thread. | suppose that after a band night your brain may still be a tad frazzled, so perhaps we should forgive that little oversight?
  19. euphorium

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    I'd be delighted to hit him round the head with it! Thought the piece wasn't too bad actually. The old dears in the audience would love it.
  20. robcornet

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    I don't think the old dears would love to see you hit me with it. Unless you mean 1st position!!!!!