Yorkshire Co-op Training Band

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    New Training Band launching in Brighouse in January 2010 under the expert guidance and management of Simon Kerwin and a team from Yorkshire Co-op Band.

    Open to players of all ages. The band promises to be fun and already has concerts and events planned in its diary for 2010.

    The band is the next stage of building a fun music making team at Yorkshire Co-op.

    An open day will be held at the band's headquarters on King Street, Brighouse on Saturday 12 December at 12.30pm.

    The band is being launched in conjunction with the Mode for.... Academy which will be providing expert music tuition in Brighouse.

    For more information on the band e-mail info@yorkshirecoopband.co.uk or call Simon Kerwin on 07846 996597.

    For more information on the Mode for....Academy, e-mail info@modefor.co.uk
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