Yorkshire Co-op hits the headlines!

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    Yorkshire Co-op hits the headlines!

    The United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band is being featured in the forthcoming issue of The Mail on Sunday (issue of 27 November).

    Members of the band including Tabby Clegg (Band Manager and Principal Cornet), Kevin Wadsworth (Musical Director), Ben Smailes (Principal Euphonium) and Les Tobitt (Percussion) were interviewed by the Deputy Personal Finance Editor of The Mail on Sunday, Richard Dyson, for a feature relating to pensions.

    Said Tabby Clegg: “To be honest it is all quite bizarre! To coincide with the Government’s ongoing discussion on pensions, Richard was writing a feature on pensions and the views of people around the country. He was looking for a good cross-section of people of different ages and occupations to interview who have different opinions on pensions and he thought he might find that in a brass band – brass bands being in Richard’s own words “something close to people’s hearts.”

    “Within a few minutes of looking for a band to interview Richard came across Yorkshire Co-op and contacted me for some details on the band and asked permission to interview some people. The Mail on Sunday then sent a photographer to rehearsal on Thursday and the results will be in this Sunday’s paper! In all honesty, none of us are experts on pensions, we just know what we individually think about them but publicity in National newspapers for brass bands doesn’t come along every day so fingers crossed the exposure will be good for bands, even if the finance section of the paper does usually end up in most people’s recycling pile!”
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    wow, well, i feel slightly more educated about pensions.. basically.. just save your own money! :)

    Nice picture of you though tabby. :)
    Looking fab!

    Hope you're all well..

    Keep us updated on the bands fame.. heard you were on the TV again for the rugby match.. honestly, it'll be a Hade Edge style documentary next..

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