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    The Brighouse and Rastrick Brass band require a Solo Cornet player (4th man down). Amongst the attributes that the player will require are dedication and commitment as well as a high playing standard. The band rehearses on Tuesday's and Thursday's and has a fairly heavy calendar of concerts throughout the year, and also numerous weekend CD recordings. Rehearsals before the main contests, specifically the Area, Masters, Open and Nationals frequently involve both rehearsals during the weekend and every week night preceeding the contest. The Calendar year is broken in July by a break of approximately four weeks before the resumption of rehearsals for the British Open.

    For further information you can confidentially contact me through my mail service on here.


    Richard Jones

    Brighouse and Rastrick band
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    one more attribute...you have to be male... :cry:
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    Say hi to Sam Fisher for me please Richard!

    ta ;-)

    ps: yes, tis a shame you have to be male to join this tremendous band...
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    However, it hasn't been mentioned.............. :? :wink:
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    This position is still available. Contact midwalesman or myself for further details.

    This is an excellent opportunity for the right player to join an extremely good section and band in general with a diverse range of engagements.