Yorkshire Area Test Piece Evening

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    Elland Silver Band is promoting a ‘Pre-Area’ contest event in February—so that players, conductors and audiences can get to hear the test pieces that will be played at St George’s in Bradford on the weekend of the 2nd/3rd March.

    The event takes place on Saturday 23rd February 7.00pm at All Saints Church, Savile Road Elland HX5 0NH

    Representing the varies sections are:

    Championship: Marsden Silver
    First: Hebden Bridge
    Second: Elland Silver
    Third: Lofthouse 2000.
    Fourth: Vacancy - any Yorkshire Band interested to contact Kathleen on 01484 717126

    Each band will play a Hymn of their own choice and their Area set work.

    The event will be mentored by Mr David Horsfield.

    Admission is just £3.00 and refreshments will be available.
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