Yorkshire area band required

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by sibeck, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. sibeck

    sibeck New Member

    A quality band is sought for Flugel and Euph in Yorkshire area. Ex 1st/championship section players returning to playing after a break. Dedication assured for right band,but we come as a package.
  2. JohnnyEuph

    JohnnyEuph Member

    Hey Simon, Becky :wink:
  3. MattB

    MattB Member

    Try Hebden Bridge Band, top set of people and a cracking band too. Just got Brett Baker in as MD, so future looks bright. Think their web is hebdenbridgeband.co.uk
  4. sibeck

    sibeck New Member

    Sorry, think you have the wrong people:oops:
  5. croftyeuph

    croftyeuph New Member

    We can adjust for the right people.

    07725 482136