Yorkshire 2009, Adjudicators and Ticketing

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    A couple of changes for Yorkshire 2009 for everyone to be aware of:

    Steve Sykes to Adjudicate in the Championship Section:

    The Yorkshire Regional Committee announce the withdrawal of James Gourlay from adjudicating the Championship Section at the Yorkshire Championships in March 2009. This is due to his appointment as Musical Director of Grimethorpe Colliery Band from January. He has been replaced by another tuba virtuoso, Steve Sykes.

    Commenting on the change, Peggy Tomlinson, Regional Secretary said “It is regrettable that James has had to withdraw but in the circumstances we have to accept it is in the best interest for all concerned. I am sure James will adjudicate for us in the future and in the meantime we welcome Steve to the 2009 championships as it is some years since he was in the box at Yorkshire “

    New Ticketing Arrangements for the Championship Section:
    Supporters of the Yorkshire Championships should note that the Championship Section on Sunday, 8th March will be allocated seating only and you will need to select your seat when you purchase your tickets. The lower sections will remain unallocated as in previous years. Tickets will be on sale from St. George’s Box Office, 01274 432000, from Monday, 12th January 2009.

    Further details at http://www.regional-contest.org.uk/yorkshire/

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