Yorks & Humberside Annual Contest

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    Yorkshire & Humberside Annual Contest

    For several years now the Associations Annual Contest has had a great deal of difficulty in attracting entries.

    One of the problems quoted by bands was the difficulty of travelling to such diverse places as Scarborough, Bridlington, S****horpe and South Elmsall.

    For many years the contest was held in the Riley Smith hall in Tadcaster, when an entry of some 30 bands was a regular occurrence. But since 1994 the entry has dwindled to some 10 or so.

    The possibility to return to this recently refurbished hall has recently occurred, and the Association would like to invite all member bands to submit their views on two questions.

    1. Would member bands support a move back to Tadcaster?
    2. Would member bands support a move back to the traditional dates of the end of April or the beginning of May? (Probably over the May Day bank holiday weekend).

    We would like to make a decision at the next delegates meting on Sat 27th November. To assist us we would ask all member bands to visit our web site in order to fill in the survey form on this subject. If possible before 20th November, as an early provisional booking is essential.

    Apparently the famous “Bar under the stage” has been done away with!

    The address of our web site is www.yhbba.co.uk

    We look forward to hearing your views, either by way of the above form or by contacting the secretary (Mr D. Hill) on Tel: 01430 423451, Fax: 01430 423451
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    Peter - thanks for bringing this to our attention. (I tried to send apologies for yesterday's meeting but couldn't reach anyone on Saturday morning!)

    I'll leave something on the website, but felt that posting here might thow up some ideas for discussion.

    I can't speak on behalf of band or committee but feel sure that we would support the annual contest if the date is fixed sufficiently far in advance and if the venue is of a decent quality. We always attended the contest before the move to Minsthorpe and our non-participation in recent years has been due to clashes with existing fixtures as the YHBBA experimented with different dates.

    I don't know the hall at Tadcaster but it is geographically central within the Association's territory and access to Tadcaster is very easy from all directions.

    The early May bank holiday is problematic since it clashes with the European Championships and the excellent, well-established own choice contest at Buxton. The Blackpool Spring Festival is the following weekend (7 May). I would have thought that 15th May or 22 May 2005 would have been a better choice, and in future years a mid-May date will give a few more rehearsals after Easter. Whilst YHBBA bands may not be competing at the European, individual players, conductors and adjudicators could well be away for the weekend.

    Prize money needs to be set at an appropriate level and publicised in advance. It isn't right to send winners away with £51.39 because other bands withdrew from the previous year's contest (if I correctly understand how the formula is supposed to work!). For me, it would be better by far to decide not to award monitary prizes at all so that everyone knows - before they enter the contest - that they won't cover their costs by winning.

    Finally there needs to be early canvasing of member bands to ensure a good entry in all sections. Many bands have entered over the last 10 years but then so many fail to return after they have found themselves playing in very small sections for little reward.

    Hope this is helpful and that the Annual Contest can prosper.

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