Yorkley Onward Band - Help needed in tracing band and LP?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Pondasher, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. Pondasher

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    I have recently obtained a 10" LP, recorded at a contest in 1972, by MSR (Midland Sound Recordings), serial M69 by Yorkley Onward Band. The record includes the applause at the end of the items and is therefore uncut.

    The items are: Side 1) Diadem of Gold. Side 2) Sinfonietta.

    I believe the band was in the Gloucestershire area and may still be in existence, possibly under a different name? Information about the band, and the recording would be greatly appreciated - especially from players on the record.

    Please either respond to this post, or email me directly on: -

  2. rutty

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  3. Curious

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    Something in the back of my mind seems to think that Yorkley Onward was one of the bands that merged to form Forest of Dean (Brass??).

    That's possibly a point of reference.

    Good luck!!
  4. Roger Thorne

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    I can remember competing against Yorkley Onward back in the seventies and they were a very good band. I'm pretty sure they used to compete at the South Midland Area (2nd Section) when it used to be split into two.

    I also seem to remember that these contests were held in Nottingham and used to be recorded. (might be wrong there - its a long time ago!)

    And if my memory serves me correctly the conductor was Brian Howard.
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    Thanks for your speedy replies:

    rutty - I also had found the 1903 photograph of the band and searched google.

    Roger Thorne - On google I also found the reference to Brian Howard, Conductor.

    Curious - I will see what Forest of Dean Band search does.

    Thanks again, in the meantime keep them coming. Just shows how valuable this forum is.

  6. Roger Thorne

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    I wrote:
    or was it The De Montford Hall, Leicester! :?
  7. rutty

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    More likely if it was South Midlands
  8. Pondasher

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    Again, thank you all for your valuable imput.

    Yorkley Onward Band merged with Coleford Band in the mid 90's and are now known as Forest of Dean Brass.

    I sent an email to Nigel Howard - Musical Director of Bream Silver Band because after using a good atlas I found Yorkley to be in the Forest of Dean area.

    Surprise, surprise, Nigel is the son of Brian Howard, who used to be M.D. of Yorkley Onward. So I have the information I wanted and in only a matter of hours!

    Long live theMouthPiece.com

    Keith Quinn


  9. Nat

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    try asking someone at a trade stand at a contest
  10. Brasspenguin

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    Yorkley Onward Band - details in a book

    There is an entry for Yorkley Onward Band, covering the material discussed in this thread and more, in The Musical Tradition of Dean, Vol. 1 by Maurice Bent, 1997 ISBN: 0951376314 (pp. 269-78.) It also includes many other bands, orchestras and choirs of the Forest of Dean.
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