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  1. markneukirchen

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    Hi there,

    Interesting to hear that Besson have bought out the York brand of Brass instruments,
    only to close them down.

    This seems a little unfair to me ???

    They quote
    ''The York instruments have never found their place in the brass band World
    and will be discontinued''

    Most of the Top UK Brass Bands now have at least some York Brass instruments in them,
    So, what do Besson mean by ''never found their place in the brass band World''

    Both Cory and Dyke have full sets of York instruments,
    there can't be any higher recommendation.

    It would appear to me, that York Sold far more instruments than Besson
    over the past couple of Years,
    and this recent purchase of the York brand has enabled them to remove their biggest

    Is this Fair ???

    Without competition,
    Besson will be able to raise prices as high as they like,
    and may be able to lower there increasingly low production standards.

    Do we want to see a return of the poor quality instruments that Besson produced
    during those busy Lottery years.

    I'm not sure this is going to be good for Banding ??

    York have sponsored the Nationals in London for the last few years,
    Will there be a National finals this year ??

    What do you think ????

    Thanks for listening,
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