York eminence euphonium

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Fin, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. Fin

    Fin New Member

    Hey guys, this is more of a question than an ad so excuse me if it's in the wrong place, kinda new to the whole forum thing

    got an old york eminence euph that i was hoping to sell since i quit playing, just wondering what the value of an instrument like this is, and if they actually still sell?

  2. pvillers

    pvillers New Member

    As per most instruments it'll depend on condition etc. I know a lot of players round me still play Eminence Yorks (including myself)
  3. kriseuph

    kriseuph Member

    Very good well made euphoniums!
    Think this is more a question of what you'd be happy to except for it rather than what's it worth.
    That said Id think you should be looking around the 3-4k mark but it does depend on condition etc
    I sold a prestige euph a few years ago though Facebook (lots of brass band/dep pages) just popped a picture up and had loads of interest and by the end of the day I'd sold it.

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