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  1. bonodog

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    Does anyone have any experience of the York Cornets (both Preference and Eminence) and any thoughts when comparing to the new Sovereign and Xeno.

  2. waynefiler

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    I had an afternoon playing the York Preference and quite frankly it's fantastic, I want one it's just out of my price range. I've not blew the new Sovereign, didn't know there was one!! but road testing a xeno next week so will update then.

    If you're looking at the York Preference, see if you can try out Tim Oldroyd's (he's on tmp) Geneva cornet yet another fantastic instrument and about the same price too.
  3. chris turner

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    We at Cory have just received a set of Eminence Cornets and are over the moon with them. Received them three weeks before the Open and took little blowing in. They are very responsive throughout the range, well built and produce a great sound. I have tried most of the cornets on the market currently and can recommend York. Just try one they will speak for themselves. We got ours from Broadland Music. Give them a call for a blow.
  4. bonodog

    bonodog New Member

    Anyone else??
  5. Chucky

    Chucky New Member

    i have recently purchased a york eminence and i think it is fantastic, easy blowing throughout all dynamics.
  6. I had a day sat trying out the York, Besson and the Xeno alongside each other. All seemed well made. The York and Besson are very similar, the Xeno stands out as being different to hold and play. It blows really freely, as it hs considerably less bck pressure in the lead pipe, but I thought it had a brighter lighter tone than the others which had a more traditional brass band sound. Personally I prefered the tone of the York to the Besson, and felt the plating was slightly better finished, but there isn't a lot in it and others may disagree.

    In choosing betwen a Preference and an Eminence, I couldn't really tell much differece in the basic instrument, I suspect there isn't any really. I comes down to whether you want to pay a couple of hundred quid for a main slide trigger. I think the Preference is a very good buy at the price for most players and bands, quite similar to a 1980l arge bore Sovereign. The main trigger may be useful for better players at higher levels of banding, but then again they should be able to play in tune without it!!
  7. sooze booze

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    Our front row play on Eminences and they are absolutely thrilled with them, they produce a lovely full sound. Previous experiences with Xenos however, are not encouraging as they seem to produce a rather thin, light sound.
  8. themusicalrentboy

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    I have recently bought a Xeno (steer clear of the prestige and Smith watkins, the former is VERY heavy and poorly built and the Smith watkins PRODUCTION cornets are made with airfix glue) and I found it to be very good apart from top A being quite sharp until it's blown in.
  9. trumpetmike

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    I have recently had a couple of my advanced students purchase top level cornets, giving me not only the chance to play everything they were thinking about (I like to accompany my advanced students when they are purchasing instruments - adding an extra pair of ears), but also hear how other people sound on everything that is currently available.
    The York instruments are certainly, in my view, worthy of strong consideration and were in the final decision for both students. However, they both eventually chose the new Prestiges. There was something in the sound that was a little more special in the Prestige than in the Eminence. It was very slight, but in both cases I agreed completely with their decision.
    The other makes they were testing included Yamaha (both the Maestro and Xeno), Getzen, Willson, Bach, B&S and Courtois.
    The quality control of the new Besson instruments (made in France not assembled in the UK) seems to be MUCH higher than the older ones and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    If I was in the market for a new instrument I would be playtesting the Eminence, the Prestige and the Eclipse Red (which is my current personal favourite) and choosing what works with me on the end.

    There is no simple "this is the best available" when it comes to choosing a new instrument, it is a case of working out what is best for you, with you on the end, with your chops, your mouthpiece and your playing requirements.
  10. Trombino9

    Trombino9 New Member

    I think Brighouse have bought a new set.
  11. no2taz

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    Newbridge Celynen have received a new set of York eminence Lacquer with rose copper bell's for front and back row.

    I personaly think that they have taken some time to blow in, but i am realy enjoy blowing mine now. Good solid wide sound and easy in all registers. A good cornet for soloist.
  12. Adrian Horn

    Adrian Horn Member

    I've recently been on a hunt for a replacement for my appalingly out of tune lottery-era Besson Sov.

    I tried the new Besson Sov and Prestige, Xeno, York amongst others, and came away with the Xeno. I found the York felt very lightweight to play against if that makes sense. It was a nice enough sound and intonation was good, but the instrument felt to give very little feedback to me. The Bessons just felt and sounded too stuffy for my tastes. The Xeno... fantastic instrument. Great intonation and nice and free blowing. I can keep it sweet and mellow, and then open it up on any big band style charts (are any others that require) to really let rip above the stave.
  13. themusicalrentboy

    themusicalrentboy Active Member

    I agree completely Adrian - I tried most instruments (apart from Courtois I think) but as soon as I picked up the Xeno and played a few notes I knew I was going to choose it.

    There is no best instrument as everyone uses different mouthpieces and has different lip positions etc so you can only really find the right one through testing them rather than on reputation
  14. Bobobear

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    I don't think that you can beat the besson instruments, I've tried Yamaha and Courtois and my Besson sovereign is better than them all. I'm yet to try these York ones but haven't heard very favourable reports on other instruments in their range.
  15. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Just to selectively pick up on one thing that trumpetmike said, I can endorse the Eclipse Red as well, having been playing one now for 9 months. It played well from the start but I have been amazed at the change once it was "blown in", and I don't discount of course the fact that a large part of the change was me becoming more used to the instrument. It is without question a very very good cornet indeed.

    It was something of a revelation to me to visit Leigh at First Class Brass; apart from the superb customer service I received, I came away with the distinct impression that Leigh would actually refuse to sell me a cornet if he felt that it was not suited to me (see Mike's comment about "what works with me on the end" - Leigh's philosophy is very much centered around what works for one person may not work for another).

    So I would say to anyone considering a cornet in the circa £1800 price range to go and see Leigh - I won't even mention the flugels and trumpets he makes for fear that I will be tempted even further next time I visit !

  16. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    I would agree, Eclipse is a superb horn (Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel or Picc) .. best I've played..... Leigh is a top bloke.. master craftsman... haven't been there for a while.. but I've been saving my pennies....

    I'm off to Portland Oregon tomorrow, hope to get a chance to try out Monette... :)