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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ROB C, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. ROB C

    ROB C New Member

    just after a few opinions,
    I'm currently playing on a York Preference Large Bore Cornet,have to say that although it's a decent instrument, i'm a little disappointed with the valve action,slow and sluggish not reliable,anyone having similar problems or have a solution.

    cheers Rob
  2. Well to speed up the response you could carefully stretch out the springs a bit, and maybe the unreliable action will improve with time as the valves are worn in...? How old is the instrument?
  3. ROB C

    ROB C New Member

    Thanks for the reply,stretching springs is all to delicate for my handywork,maybe they will play in and get better in time,the cornet has been out of use briefly, but you know how patience and cornet players don't mix
  4. Chucky

    Chucky New Member

    i have a eminence and mine were sluggish when new, wipe them down and then oil them with blue juice, they will get better if you do that everytime they slow down.
    works for me, mine are great now.
    also when you put your instrument away undo your valves caps (top and bottom) half a turn, apparently it stops the moisture build up which apparently slows your valves down.
  5. ROB C

    ROB C New Member

    thanks for the tip, i did try blue juice recently after leaving my oil behind and it did seem better,i'll try to get some,
    cheers rob
  6. Despot

    Despot Member

    Try scrubbing the valves and casing with regular washing up liquid and a valve brush. Valves may just be a bit dirty.

    If that doesn't work, try a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. (Very mild abrasive)

    If that doesn't work, try polishing the valve. (Less mild abrasive)

    If that doesn't work, go back to the shop or a good repairman. However, give it a little while before you do, as it may sort itself out with use.
  7. joshy

    joshy Member

    have you tried light valve oil? i had a similar problem to you with my xeno and it turned out that the oil was too thick. a lot of brands do lite versions so it might be worth a try.

  8. I've bought a few new York instruments recently and they've all been like this. iIs simply a combination of the fact the valves are brand new, hence tight fitting, and the prescence of manufacturing lubricatants etc in the instrument. Its important to give the instrument lots of love in the first three months of its life - regularly cleaning of the valves and fresh oil. Just continually adding oil won't particularly help as it just picks up the dirt and holds it there, and while the valve is newly tight its important not to have any grit in there as it could wear on the valve casing.

    To my mind the valves appear really well made, and although it is frustrating when the valves go sluggish, I believe you will be rewarded with really good valves in the long run.

    If they don't get any better, try buffing them up with some 400 grade wet and dry paper, then throughly cleaning with fairey liquid, rinse and oil well
  9. bejohans

    bejohans New Member

    Anyone experinced poor soldering ? My new York Cornet has a loose bell.

  10. Henzy

    Henzy New Member

    i bought a emenince and i had the same problem when it was new with the values. Had mine 6months now and its brilliant, no sluggish values anymore.
  11. jockinafrock

    jockinafrock Active Member

    Don't shoot me down if this is a bit naughty, but my hubby swears by cleaning all our valves periodically with lighter fuel and, by golly, it works! :eek:

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