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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by geo123, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. geo123

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    Hi all, is there anybody who has played one of the new York Bb basses. My band bought one a while ago and i've had nothing but problems with it. The plastic valve guides keep coming off and jamming the valve down, the 2nd valve keeps sticking no matter how much I clean it and it seems to take so much air compared to anything else i've ever played. (New Sov, 4v Imperial, Courtois)
    I read the article by Denis Wedgewood? about the quality control at Besson that was posted on here a few years ago, and wondered if its the same story with the stainless steel valves on the York?

    The copper plated valves on the old 1920s Boosey and Co we've got work better than the York. (Even though there a bit noisy) So much for progress!
  2. i had one when i played with Pontardulais, i had the same problem, the simple answer is, its gotto be cleaned before and after every time u use it, stupid asnwer i know but that sorted it for me, and on the air front, it takes waayyyy more air than a sov does, im up at BTM band now and back on a sov and loving it :)
  3. covkiddownunder

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    Hmmm, might be a bit of inconsistency with the quality.
    I played a new one fresh out of the box a year or so ago for our Nationals here in NZ, and I found it to be everything a Sovereign should have been but never quite delivered. The build quality was great, the tuning was pretty consistent through the range and I found it far more responsive than the Besson.
    Maybe the fact that it took way more air was just due to the fact it was built properly (without leaks or restrictions) and over time we've become so used to the stuffiness of the Bessons (which I never really liked anyway...)
  4. JonnyShaw

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    I had pretty much the same problems on a brand new York BBb in 2008. I was at the European Youth Brass Band in Stavanger, Norway and it was provided on a loan for the week by a local music shop.

    I wish I had gone to the effort and cost of taking my own instrument as it was a huge effort to blow compared to Sov models I have played on. From what I remember the valves weren't too hot on it then and also I didn't like the smooth/rounded finger buttons!

    Having said that I do seem to remember that in the development of the BBb the lads at Dyke had the mouthpipe re-attached to the bell in an effort to make the instrument less open. I don't know if anyone is around that could confirm or deny that rumour...
  5. bobbyp

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    Aren't the yorks a larger bore than the bessons? Could this not explain the greater need of air? I'm just talking from word of mouth, I've never actually played the york apart from the eb's!
  6. Blagger

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    York Euphs certainly have a larger lead pipe - my 4AL went in further....
    They did seem to take more air to fill as well.
  7. geo123

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    Well I pulled it out the case today, and after a couple of weeks of not being played (been playing Eb) all 4 valves were stuck solid. Sorted them out, (well sort of) but they still sound like the percussion section when you press them down, even though all the felts were changed not long ago.
    Can anybody recommend a good brass repairer in Lancashire?
    Thanks :)
  8. AndyCat

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    Music Cellar in Preston, or McQueens in Swinton.
  9. Big Fella

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    York Basses

    Ask them if they can change the plastic guides for metal ones.
    The valves are slightly noisier, but they work far better that the low grade plastic that they use.

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