YHBBA Annual Contest Results

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  1. P. Sanderson

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    Three last week withdrawals made for a disappointing entry to this event on Sun 15th Feb.
    However it did not detract from the entertainment heard by a small but very keen audience.

    1st Kippax – Ian Colley 335
    2nd Rockingham – Frank Hoyland
    3rd South Yorkshire Police - A. Dennis

    Special Prizes
    These were dominated by Kippax who won the
    Best March
    Best Hymn
    Best Euphonium
    Best Soprano and
    Best overall Conductor

    Best percussion were Rockingham
    Best Trombones Crofton Silver

    Sectional Prizes – Each winning band was awarded £100 and a trophy
    Best unregistered Band – Markham Main
    Best Fourth Section Band – Crofton Silver
    Best Third Section Band – Dinnington
    Best Second Section Band – Rockingham
    Best first Section Band – Kippax
    Withdrawals meant that no award was made for the best Championship Section Band

    Adjudicator - Colin Hardy

    P. Sanderson
    Trustee YHBBA
  2. tubamaest

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    Up the Mighty Kippax.

    Richard Wilton(Grimey)
  3. Sellers_Bird

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    Well done to Kippax, theyre the nicest band I've ever depped for... i hope they take the Yorkshire Area 1st section by storm!! :D
  4. rickcowens

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    anyone now the full results and test pieces?
  5. Aidan

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    g'wan the mighty Dinnington :D
    tobias power