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    The Yorkshire and Humberside Brass Band Association are to resurrect their Annual Own Choice Test Piece Contest and are pleased to announce that Geneva Instruments have agreed to sponsor this event by offering the services of one of their Artistes to be a guest soloist at a concert for the overall winning band in Group A and Group B at the contest.

    The Yorkshire and Humberside BBA are the last remaining brass band association in Yorkshire and has taken this step in an attempt to revive interest in the association. The contest will take place at Holmfirth Civic Hall on Sunday 1[SUP]st[/SUP] November. This is the only own choice test piece contest in the area during the Autumn and is a result of bands seeking something locally rather than having to travel quite some distance to compete in such a contest.

    If this event is successful then further events are planned in partnership with Geneva Instruments for master classes with their artistes and a conductor’s workshop throughout 2016.

    The President of YHBBA, Peggy Tomlinson, stated “The association are most grateful to Geneva Instruments for entering into this partnership with us. It is important that we keep YHBBA alive and their support is most valuable to helping us to achieve this. Interest has waned over the past few years but we are doing our best to keep going. This support is a boost to our moral and I would urge bands to support us in our efforts”.

    Details of the contest are available to download from our website www.yhhba.org.uk

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