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    Yet Another Scam: I was warned about this scam from a friend who is a policeman.

    Picture the scene….

    You’re sat at home, when there is a knock on your door. A well dressed woman is on the doorstep and explains that she has broken down and could she use your phone to call her husband to let him know what has happened. You agree, but insist on standing by her when she makes this call. You hear her ask to speak to Mr Jones/Smith etc, and hear her say that he is in a meeting and they are just calling him out. After a few minutes, you hear her chatting to her husband. She hangs up and says thank you, and that her husband will pick her up from her car in about 30 minutes. She then offers you £1 to cover the cost of the call. She says goodbye.

    All fine so far…..


    She has set up her own chat line and calls cost in the region of anything from £25 - £50 a minute.

    You will only find this out when you next get your phone bill. She will of course have pocketed most of this money. The worse thing is that she has done nothing illegal, because you gave her permission to use your phone.

    Unfortunately for some, this scam has worked quite well so far in Norfolk, and my mate says it will be working it’s way around the country pretty soon.

    If this happens to you, and if you are unsure if the person calling at your home is genuine, get the person to give you the number to call and if it looks unusual, don't call it.
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    The email itself may be incorrect, but there was a remarkably similar scam featured on "The Bill" last night involving mobile phones and premium rate numbers!
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    I don't disagree that such premium rate scams exist, they certainly do. But this is in fact an e-mail scam designed to unnecessarily burden e-mail servers with unsolicited e-mail. The contents of the message are a hoax.

    Peter, can you, as a moderator, remove the message from the portal page?

    Cheers, Greg.