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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by snazzy_cornet_sound, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Hello People I have just moved to Stockport from down soutn, playing for EYMS for the area but are there any good local bands as its quite a travel to hull
  2. Jan H

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    I think Faireys are in need of a new principal :wink:

    No sorry, I can't help you...
  3. lottie4744

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  4. iancwilx

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    Kippax Band (1st Section) would love to see you we're near Leeds which isn't too far to travel. ( JCN 46 A1/M1 link off M62)
    We are having great rehearsals under our new MD, Jim Davies, Ex Principal of Brighouse and Cories. (Talk about Charisma !!)
    We NEVER have less than 24 at Band Practice.
    New programme every month in our own licenced band club which we own (Cheap Beer !!) - stimulating and brilliant for your sight reading !! (The programme, not the beer !!)
    Come along for a blow and meet some great guys and gals and enjoy your banding !!
    Have a look at

    Contact :-
    (Tel. 0113 2873019)
  5. You could try Poynton - there are a few members on here you could contact, I'm sure they'll find this thread though before I can remember their user names. Also close by are Ashton, and Moston & Beswick who are based in Manchester - I know that they're looking for a principal cornet at the moment, as well as front / back row player. Also Crewe co-op, which is getting a bit further out now - probably about an hours drive from Stockport - are looking for a front row cornet player. PM me if you want any contact details for Moston or Crewe.
  6. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    BT Band are based in Stockport.

    Great bunch of people as well.
  7. BIG Paul

    BIG Paul Member

    Were a 4th section band just minutes away from stockport. just starting contesting.
    ever the optimist
    I live in hope?
  8. IckleSop

    IckleSop Active Member

    BT are a Good lot!
  9. trombelle

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    I play for Reddish Prize Band. We're 4th Section, local and very friendly. Got a few concerts coming up; PM me if you want details, you'd be most welcome to come along for a listen. Good few of us are aged 18-20 and the social side is great, especially with us 'younger' players!!

    Oh and we rehearse above a Con. Club pub/bar ;)
    shell x
  10. philram

    philram Member

    Ashton are in need of a cornet player,front or back row.We're about 15mins from Stockport and rehearse mon -thur.If you're interested in coming for a blow, give our MD Phil Chalk a call on 07785 752241.
  11. sugarandspice

    sugarandspice Active Member

    alternatively you could come back to cornwall!!:)

    will you be down for the areas?
  12. peatair

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    Hawk Green (Marple) band - based in Marple, not far from Stockport - need cornet players. About 20 mins from Stockport. Also, Glossop Old Band are looking for cornet players. Glossop is about 30 mins from Stockport.
  13. Ali

    Ali Member

    You could always try Dobcross Silver. A great set of people who work and play hard but also know how to enjoy themselves. We are also celebrating the bands 130 birthday this year so why not become a part of something special. Contact Dennis Hadfield on 07957 871239 for more details.
  14. saz

    saz New Member

    hey if your still on the look out stalybridge are in the need for a front row cornet, 1st section band based near ashton. If you are interested just send me an email

    sarahc ;)
  15. Mofman

    Mofman Member

    Where did you end up?
  16. eupho1

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    Hi There

    Stockport Silver Band are progressing at a great pace under their new MD Ian Tinsley ( ex Fairy and Dyke ) we are a really friendly band with a great social side. Visit our website Stockport Silver Band. we practice tues 8pm till 10pm and are right on your doorstep. We can boast really good concert venues such as poyton show, wythenshawe park, vernon park etc etc. Give us a call


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