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    A little something Julie and I picked up at the weekend!

    “They don’t write ‘em like they used to!”

    Adjudication Report of a Band at the Rockhampton Contest 1906

    As printed in the “Rockhampton Morning Bulletin”, 19th June 1906.

    Apparently, all Adjudicators’ remarks were published​

    TEST: “Rose of Castille” by Balfe

    Not clean at opening: tongues want smartening up very much. From A, bass and horns were very bad at tongueing. A tempo: Soprano had a nasty accident, which did not encourage him very much I am sure.

    Andante sostenuto: Horns badly out of tune, bass very much across at bar 8. Horns are very poor from D on. Cornet does well, but is badly supported by band.

    Allegro giusto is very moderate. Band is evidently very young at contesting. The rall. bar after G was badly across. I don’t think you could have done it worse if you had tried to.

    Andante: Trombones sound very nervous, everything is too stiff and formal, no life in it.

    Allegro: Far too slow and only moderate. Euphonium cadenza very nicely done.

    Allegretto Moderato: Tenor horn was late at starting. I suppose he thought it did not matter much, he came on later.

    Moderato: This is fair, and it is phrased properly: the first band to do it. I compliment you. Cornet cadenza a good show.

    Allegro too slow.

    Lento: Those horns are badly out of tune Mr Conductor.

    Andante: Fair. Soprano made a moderate attempt, many wrong notes though. Cornet was uncomfortable from S to T. From bar 26 to end of movement, baritones, trombones and basses are terribly across, so you can imagine what it sounded like. That could be vastly improved by taking each section separately.

    Allegro moderato: Euphonium solo was nicely given, but the accompaniments were very scattered.

    Finish of selection was very poor, the semiquaver runs being very indistinct.

    As I said before, evidently not up to contesting form. But plod on. Nil desperandum.

    Adjudicator: Mr A Wade, ​
    Ballarat, Victoria.

    Article supplied courtesy of “The Morning Bulletin”, Rockhampton.

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    Was he by any chance a euphonium player??
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  4. NeilW

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    He certainly didn't mince his words!

    And did they win? :sup
  5. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Now I don't want to be critical of the adjudicator

    .............................................. but some of his remarks were very across. :confused:
  6. yonhee

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    Might have been Duncandisorderly he didnt seem to like the horns.
  7. timbloke

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    How embarrasing, a nasty accident on a contest stage :oops: - I was always told to f*rt before going on stage to avoid any follow through when attempting high notes :wow - even more critical for a sop player. Must have been impressive for the adjudicator to have heard!!
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    :clap: A PCD is also recommended. If you can't work out what PCD is, please pm me & I will enlighten you. Don't want to say on here. I am a lady after all!!!!:tongue: ;)
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    A friend of mine swears by a PCD, he couldn't do without one!!!;)
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    Not a great deal of change 100 years on :mad:

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