Yesteryear through the eye's of a child.

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    I think I was lucky to be born and bred in a sprawling market town in the middle of the countryside, the market town consisted of 13 pubs / 4 schools : C of E, Grammer School, Methodist and Catholic Schools, 3 Churches, Station, Police Station, Small Hospital, Doctors, Fish Shop, General Grocery shop, Chemist, other oddments of shops, own gas / coking works, own electricty generator, 3 bus services, not many cars, a few bikes, 2 very good orchards, the nearest city was 13 miles away and a Brass Band with another 5 or 6 within 15 miles. We had a cricket pitch, bowling greens, tennis courts, football pitches and other arears where athletics and games took place.
    People could leave their doors open while they went to the shop. farmers used to leave machinery at the side of the road and just took the horses back to the farm. One of the shop grew his own tobacco plants.
    The town hall was used by the army, outside and inside cookhouses were everywhere,for us kids to see so much army equipment, bren gun carriers, tanks, lorries, motorbikes, ammunition dumps in every wood for miles around, yet we had the freedom to roam around, we could call at any farm they would give us a drink or a slab of bread with half a pound butter on it.
    There is more but I don't want to block up the server.
    I glad I did not live in a city.
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