Yeovil Town Band at the Glastonbury Festival

Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Parp, Jun 28, 2005.

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    Not really your typical brass band concert but I spent the weekend at the Glastonbury Festival and on the Sunday morning, Yeovil Town Band were playing the main stage.

    I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I went to Glastonbury for all the big name rock bands and also some of the weirder things that you find there but when I woke up on Sunday I decided to take a trip down to hear them since there wasn't much else going on.

    I was a bit worried it was all going to be marches, overtures and bad arrangements of Beatles songs but I was treated to an exceptional programme that was perfectly targeted at a non-banding but music-loving crowd.

    I can't remember the full details (and the ones I do remember could well be wrong), but they started with Star Wars and included The Way to Amarillo, Hawaii 5-0, Ticket to Ride, an Elton John piece from the Lion King which included lots of shouting and animal noises, the music from a BA advert by Carl Davis(?), a Pomp and Circumstance march and the music from The Muppets.

    The whole presentation was excellent - not just the playing (which was very good) but there were lots of things to watch with people swinging their instruments, the conductor on a surf board (and he was clearly loving being on the stage), hawaian shirts a-plenty and various animal noises.

    It's the first brass band concert I've been to where I've been covered in mud, wearing shorts and wellies, and surrounded by lots of hungover people smoking joints. Maybe I've just not been to enough concerts?

    Anyway, well done to the band - they were obviously enjoying theirselves - and well done to whoever came up with the programme because it showed an understanding of the Glastonbury crowd and an understanding of the type of repertoire that would appeal to the non-brass bander.
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    I think its a regular thing at Glastonbury where Yeovil Town Band play on the Sunday morning on the Pyramid Stage, so they should be well versed on the type of stuff the 'crowd' like to hear. I do stand to be corrected though!
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    It is a regular thing. I have been trying for ages to get myself on the dep list for it!! So far, I haven't been able to get to enough things throughout the year to manage it but hopefully it will come. I have a few mates in the band and can vouch for the fact that most of them are mad enough to be performing at the festival and there is certainly no shortage of confidence in doing the extra silly things to really entertain the crowd! Well done chaps once again!! Oh and thanks for the test messages from the stage!!! Next time, hopefully, I'll be there with you rather than having to just reply jealously!!!
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    Just found out that the conductor in question was in fact Dave Hayward! I'm not surprised that he was very entertaining. He is one of the best Concert conductors I know!! He chooses good programmes and is a master with the Microphone in his hands. Must be something about him being Welsh!!

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