Yeovil line up : 28th Brass at the Octagon

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    The line up for the 28th Brass at the Octagon contest at Yeovil on the 5th February have been announced by The 12 bands hoping to kick off their 2005 contest season with a good win are :

    Aveley and Newham
    Bodmin Town Band
    Bournemouth Concert
    Camborne Town
    City of Bristol
    St. Austell
    SWT Woodfalls
    Tongwynlais Temperance
    Welwyn Garden City

    This should be a great contest...........any predictions??
  2. SuperHorn

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    Cwmaman are going and I also believe Kidlington are.

    We have a draw number and everything.
  3. boover

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    sorry guys, just quoting from the guys that should know!! does that mean people have dropped out or have they allowed more than 12 bands???
  4. SuperHorn

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    It's my understanding that 4BR took the information from the Yeovil contests website as it stood. There are 14 bands we've been told.

    As previously discussed Association meeting on Saturday Cwmaman Band will be there. Have you spoke with Parc & Dare they have a good idea about Local Welsh Contests.

    C U Saturday.
  5. DublinBass

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    Welwyn has dropped would have been difficult as we have just changed MD's last week.
  6. MoominDave

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    Quite correct! No matter how badly we do the previous year, we always get invited back... (eventually)

    Did that come through Barry Scott?
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    We're under the impression that there are 13 bands there this year!
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    A little bird told us.
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    The Yeovil Contest Website Reads:
    Yeovil Entertainment Contest
    2005 Entries so far
    Aveley and Newham
    Bodmin Town Band
    Bournemouth Concert Brass
    Camborne Town Band
    City of Bristol Brass Band
    Cwmaman Institute Silver Band
    Harrogate Band
    Kidlington Concert
    St Austell Town
    SWT Woodfalls
    Tongwynlais Temperance
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    Good Man, R U Mr Universe?????
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    Mr Universe

    Oh no... Definately not me :)

    visit to see who it is and look at the pictures on the funstuff page.
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    aye, cwmaman are going - think its a 4br rest cock-up.:oops:
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    Original name Bari??

    It's T
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    I know who you are you twonk - i saw you yesterday.

    quite-ish work day so having a bit of "surf-ette" and decided to join this chat room thing.

    like the badge? from rugmans rugby thing.

    sorry everyone, this has nothing to do with the Yeovil contest - just having a private chat!

    on a similar note, who is going to Porthcaw this year?
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    Cwmaman are going to Porthcawl, but you know that.
  16. OneTonBass

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    Last I'd heared that they had condemned the hall, but it might be open now.

    Someone told me that only one band has enetered so far, but I think that may be down to the news of the condemned hall.

    I'm sure we would be going if its confirmed that its on, as would many others.
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    Who's this??? Is this Mr Universe????

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