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  1. Offbeats

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    During their recent tour of Australia, i was lucky enough to hear YBS in concert... I believe stuart lingard and a few of the other solo cornet players were playing clear plastic-y mouthpieces...

    Can anybody tell me anything about these..does anyone have any info on their brand etc?

  2. lottie4744

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    I think (not completley sure) that they were the prototype models for the mouthpiece that is provided with the new Yamaha Xeno cornet, my cornet teacher had one while he was testing the Xeno, had a go on it, there a nice mouthpiece, very hard to fill though.
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  4. lottie4744

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    Nah, they're not Kelly Mouthpieces
  5. imthemaddude

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    Yes I tried mine in band today with my new xeno and is equivalent to a DW3 I would say certainly deeper than my 13E
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  6. brassneck

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    The mouthpieces are more than likely to be Josef Klier (JK) plexiglass models made in Germany.

  7. Offbeats

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    Thanks for the responses so far guys. In response to brassnecks suggestion..has any played a plexiglass JK cornet mouthpiece? Or a Kelly MOuthpiece...

    What are people's experiences with them. I know they are handy when marching or during the cold, but what about their merit during more serious playing?

  8. lottie4744

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    I have a Kelly Mouthpiece and don't play on it full time, I use it while marching and only that. They're not suitable to be used all the time, the break easily and don't have the same effect as a normal mouthpiece.

    As I said in my first post, the mouthpieces YBS were using were only prototypes made of fibreglass, I'm sure the one's released with Xeno's were metal? *waits for imthemaddude to confirm this* They probably will have been made by Yamaha.
  9. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    Yes metal
  10. WoodenFlugel

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    Hi offbeats,

    There's a discussion on the merits (or otherwise!!) of Kelly mouthpieces here.
  11. yr_epa

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    Dewi Griffiths who plays 2nd man for YBS is on here (username Griffis). Give him a PM if you want some details.
  12. rebecca

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    I believe they are prototype models for the moouthpiece provided with the new Yamaha Xeno.Have had a look at them and they're very deep, similar to Denis Wick 2.
  13. lottie4744

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    Hiya Again

    Just spoke to my cornet teacher about them (Alex Thomas: Ex-YBS) the mouthpieces were definatley prototypes for the new Xeno, but the mouthpiece prototype that Stuart Lingard was using in Oz wasn't released with the instrument, another one was chosen.

    Hope that clears stuff up!
  14. Cochyn

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    I spoke to Dewi (2nd man @ YBS) on the the way home on the train after Finals, and TBH he didn't sound as if he liked them much. I think Dennis Wick may be the only way! :D

    But I've heard a few Trumpet players prefer this type of mouthpiece....screamings easy! :lol:
  15. Griffis

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    Just to clarify, I do like the mouthoiece, it just took a long time to get used to thats all (just like any change of mouthpiece).
    As for a Wick, I used to play on a wick 3 for years and found that this new yamaha mouthpiece (which is the exact same mouthpiece as the one with the new Xenos) was definately on the bigger side. My top register was affected slightly to begin with but it was very comfortable to play on. After a couple of months of hard practising (honest!! ;)) my register has come back, and possibly is stronger now than it has ever been.
    So, to close, I would tell anyone to try it, and give it time. It's a corker of a mouthpiece!

    Dewi Griffiths
  16. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    I'm just breaking my cornet in and to be honest I found it a stuggle today eventhough the difference isnt that much. I had a maestro before but I'm finding the xeno a hard blow. Griffis, what model are YBS using are they sill using them and what type of bell and finish?
  17. Griffis

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    We have just had the new Xeno's now and basically I find it a treat to blow...much nicer than my old Soverign (never tried a Maestro!) We were given the choice of either a Yellow brass bell or a Gold brass bell. I've personally gone with the Gold Brass (after having a consultation with Prof. King) Stuart and Matt have opted for the Yellow brass bell.
    They are fantastic, never really liked Yamahas but i already love the Xeno!!