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    Just received the new YBS CD - Festive Impressions and my initial impression is that this is a terrific CD, following on a long line of great recordings directed by Prof. King. The initial highlights for me are Iwan Williams flugel solo - Ave Maria and Sheona White on The Piper o' Dundee. Very different solos, but superb playing on both. Need to listen to the CD a few more times though before I make up my mind.

    One surprise, since this is a recording to celebrate the Brass Down Under Tour last year, is that two major works featured on the tour are not included. Does that mean we have more to look forward to? Will Terra Australis and Sunburnt Land be featured on a forthcoming CD?

    Having said that, this CD is an example of good programming and will remain in my player for days to come.
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    That is our understanding, John.
    Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the CD.
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