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  1. The Flugaliser

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    West Yorkshire
    The YBS Concert Brass Band has announced that their sponsorship deal with the Yorkshire Building Society has been withdrawn as of August 2006. This will affect both YBS Concert and YBS Juniors who were also supported by the deal.

    The band has enjoyed 12 generous years of sponsorship but due to a restructuring of the Society’s Community Project the band was not eligible for future funding.

    In a similar style to YBS Band, the Yorkshire Building Society Concert Brass Band will be referred to as ‘YBS Concert Brass’ with immediate effect. This decision was made to keep the band’s identity while new sponsorship opportunities are being investigated.

    The band would like to extend their thanks to the Building Society for their generous sponsorship. With the support of the Society we have enjoyed great success in the period, rising from the fourth to the first section including two appearances at the National Finals.

    Despite the loss of sponsorship the band has been unaffected. Restructuring has taken place allowing the band to retain its rehearsal rooms in Low Moor, Bradford and the services of the band’s Principal Conductor, Robert Savage.
  2. brassneck

    brassneck Active Member

    Sorry to hear about the loss of sponsorship. It looked fine when the building society announced that it would continue supporting youth projects a while back.
  3. Drewdan

    Drewdan Member

    Sorry to hear for the loss in sponsorship, but its good to hear that the band is still working as hard as normal and is continuing to make fine music.
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