YBS Band and Prof David King - Gala Concert at Regent Hall (Now incl. programme)

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    YBS Band and Professor David King to perform Gala Concert at Regent Hall following RAH Championship on 28th October.

    Philip Biggs is delighted to announce that The YBS Band conducted by Professor David King will perform a Gala Evening Concert at Regent Hall, Oxford Street, London on Saturday 28th October starting at 8pm following the National Championship Finals at the Royal Albert Hall.

    Philip, Director of the Regent Hall Brass Arts Festival said that he wished to publicly thank Professor David King and The YBS Band for agreeing to appear at Regent Hall on Saturday 28th October, thus providing what is certain be a feast of the highest quality brass music following the Championship. Philip added that even before making the official anouncement about the concert, many ticket applications had been received.

    Details of the programme will be released shortly.

    It is expected that there will be a high demand for tickets which are priced from £11 to £15. They can be purchased by telephoning either 01223 234090 or 07710 505689.

    For further information on this press release, please contact:
    Philip Biggs, Philip Biggs Brass Festivals Ltd
    01223 234090 or 07710 505689
  2. MRSH

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    North Lancing

    Anyone have any idea what's on the programme?
  3. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    I will endeavour to find out for you Matt.
  4. Y B S Band

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    YBS Announce Concert Programme OCTOBER 28th

    The YBS Band conducted by Prof.David King will play a concert at the Regent Hall, London on Saturday 28th October 2006. The programme for the concet is as follows:

    1. KEIGHLEY MOOR – (YBS Signature March) Joe Cook

    2. LARK IN THE CLEAR AIR Trad arr Eric Banks
    (Cornet Soloist – Stuart Lingard)

    3 FAR AND AWAY John Williams
    arr Harper

    4. SILVERMOUNTAIN Goff Richards

    5. ILKLEY MOOR Gordon Langford

    6. PIPER OF DUNDEE Kenneth Downie
    (Tenor Horn Soloist – Sheona White)

    7. VIENNA NIGHTS Phillip Wilby


    • WINDOWS OF THE WORLD Peter Graham
    § Amazonia
    § Rainforest
    § Drums of Thunder
    § EarthWalk

    2. I’ll WALK WITH GOD Nicholas Brodsky
    arr Goff Richards

    3. SUMMER ISLE (from Hymn of the Highlands) Philip Sparke
    (Euphonium Soloist – Steve Walsh)

    4. LES FRANCS JUGES’ Berlioz arr. Wright

    5. HIGHLAND FLING Andrea Crossley
    (Xylophone Soloist – Andrea Crossley)

    6. SHINE AS THE LIGHT Peter Graham

    The concert starts at 8PM.
    Priced from £11 to £15 tickets can be purchased by telephoning either 01223 234090 or 07710 505689.

  5. Y B S Band

    Y B S Band Member


    Whilst no Gala Concert took place at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday evening, those who yearned to listen to a top-class band after the contest had finished to round off their London Nationals experience were rewarded by the YBS Band, who were on tip top form and who themselves were rewarded with a standing ovation at the end of the evening.
    YBS were in cracking form as Professor David King led the band through a programme that contained some established concert repertoire along with some requested items that included an exquisite performance of ‘Vienna Nights'.
    The band's signature march, ‘Keighley Moor' gave an indication that the band was in upbeat mood after coming third at the contest. If there was any disappointment in not finishing higher it didn't show at all, as they grabbed the chance to perform to a near-capacity audience, many of whom it was noted were from overseas and in London for the whole weekend.
    Film music is always popular and YBS opted for Philip Harper's arrangement of ‘Far and Away' to carry things on in a light vein and Gordon Langford's composition of ‘On Ilkley Moor', both performed with consummate ease with some cracking ensemble work throughout.
    Composer and arranger Goff Richards was also featured in two of his more evocative works. ‘Silver Mountain' was written after the composer looked out over a hilltop one Christmas time and ‘I'll Walk With God'. In both of these items, Professor King brought out a fantastic sound from within the band that enhanced the feel of real drama and emotion.
    The soloists in the first half were husband and wife, Stuart Lingard and Sheona White and both gave impeccable performances on their respective instruments. Stuart's wonderful control and technique puts him in the very top bracket of cornet players and his skill was very much in evidence in ‘Lark in the Clear Air'. The same applies to Sheona – what a fantastic sound this voice of the tenor horn produces and her performance of ‘The Piper of Dundee' was simply stunning stuff.
    Professor Wilby's ‘Vienna Nights' had been requested for its inclusion on the programme and it was only the second time the band had played it in the UK – the other being Birmingham.
    This was a quality performance alright with a sublime opening leading into some stylish variations - none more so than the ‘Café Life,' whilst Ken Ferguson's tuba playing was just top-draw. The ‘Scena' and ‘Notturno' sections featured ensemble playing of the highest order and credit goes to the MD for not just keeping a degree of control on the dynamics throughout, but in particular, the ‘Alla Turca' at the end.
    The familiar sounds of ‘Windows of the World' opened the second half. ‘Amazonia' was fully committed, whilst Sheona White's solo in ‘Rainforest' was effortless on the ear and the duet with baritone Robert Richardson was delightful. ‘Drums of Thunder' was full of vigour and Stephanie Barrett on repiano demonstrated what a fine player she is in ‘Earth Walk'.
    Professor King paid tribute to the band's soprano player Bert Van Thienen for his performance that brought him the soloist prize prior to a reprise of ‘Les Francs Juges'. As with ‘Vienna Nights', the band could have been forgiven for not including any test pieces on their programme, but their fine repeat of the Berlioz Overture had all the hallmarks of its performance earlier in the day.
    Either side of the Nationals test piece, Steve Walsh impressed with ‘Summer Isles' from ‘Hymn of the Highlands' and Andrea Crossley had some fun in her own xylophone composition, ‘Highland Fling' – a talented lassie both as a player and composer.
    Peter Graham's compelling ‘Shine as the Light' brought the concert to a stunning close with the audience demanding more, but alas, that was their lot for the night.
    The banding scene can be accused of over egging the pudding on occasions, but this concert demonstrated that there is a demand for concerts such as this one, albeit in a smaller venue after a major competition as the Nationals. Credit has to go to Philip Biggs for responding to the request (particularly from overseas visitors) that they had a concert to go and listen to at night. With only a handful of seats not taken and in a smaller venue it made for great atmosphere. It will certainly be interesting to see if the concept gets repeated next year and beyond.

    Malcolm Wood
    (Coutesy of 4barsrest)
  6. DublinBass

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    near Dublin

    Our band just read through Andrea's new baritone solo (in preparation for Rob Richardson's trip over here) and there is no doubt she has some composing talent. It is quite nice and will be a great addition to the baritone solo repetoire.

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