Yamaha YEB-321 Eb Tuba For Sale

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    This tuba has been used by my son to Grade 8 standard and beyond. It has a few knocks in it and some usual lacquer wear/scratching on the bottom (cosmetic only), but it has a rich, full tone and plays beautifully. Valves are in good condition and all slides work well apart from the second slide which sticks slightly. It comes complete with a Yamaha hard case which is in almost perfect condition, as well as a made to measure padded Altieri gig bag, with a front zipped pouch for storage of music and accessories, also in excellent condition.


    • 4 top-action valves
    • 368mm diameter bell
    • 17.5-18.5mm bore
    • Brass Body
    • Lacquer Finish
    The serial number of the instrument is 100968.

    From a web page, I found the following review of the Yamaha YEB-321:

    “The Yamaha YEB-321 Eb tuba features a full rich tone with accurate intonation and the ability to either blend with the ensemble or project a solo piece. The long lasting and durable construction contains a high degree of hand craftsmanship – they offer an easy playability to enhance the sound of anyone from a beginner to advanced players.”

    [/FONT]The retail price for this instrument new is between £3500-£3995. I'm looking to sell the tuba for £1450 inclusive of both the hard case and gig bag.

    Further Info/Pictures on request.

    Val (keyval8@btinternet.com)
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    Hm. Is this still for sale? I'm interested in buying an Eb tuba.

    Just one question- is this a student tuba, ie. three-quarter size?

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