Yamaha YBL 613H Bass trombone - spare slide?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Basstiger, Sep 1, 2012.

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    After months of searching I have finally acquired myself a Yamaha 613H Bass trombone, and it was worth the wait!
    However I don't know if anyone knows the answer to this but should it or would it have had an extension slide for the 2nd valve to make it Gb/Db or was there a separate crook for that? My previous Holton had a piece of tubing that could be removed to make it G/D if required. The reason I ask is that the chap who sold me it said it was in Gb/Db but to achieve that the tuning slide is so far out that it is almost falling off the instrument. :confused:
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    Hi pal,

    I'm not sure if Yamaha make such a thing, but somewhere like Rath might be able to drum you one up - they've done bits in the past for me and can be quite reasonable.

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    I have a 613G that was included in the last batch Yamaha made (about 1989 I think).

    The trombone came with the standard 2nd valve tuning slide G/D and an alternative tuning slide Gb/Db. As you will know the standard G/D tuning slide is rarely used as "you're always going to be sharp down there" and most Bass Trombonists prefer the Gb/Db tuning slide because of this.

    You certainly won't get the G/D slide tuned down a notch by hanging it off the end of the trom, especially if you have a good set of lungs (you might blow the slide right out).

    It's pretty rare that a 2nd hand Gb/Db slide will be sold but it might be an idea to approach Yamaha direct or another maker say Rath as previously suggested. Also given what the typical Bass Trombonist prefers, tuning slide wise, you won't find many spares out there.

    Good luck !