Yamaha Xeno Cornet For Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by StephenWilkinson, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. StephenWilkinson

    StephenWilkinson New Member

    I am selling my Yamaha Xeno Cornet (Silver Plate). The instrument is only 18 months old, mint condition.

    If interested please drop me a line.


    Stephen Wilkinson
    (Principal Cornet - Brighouse & Rastrick)
  2. StephenWilkinson

    StephenWilkinson New Member

    Stephen Wilkinson (B&R) Selling: Besson Sovereign 928 Bb Cornet for Sale

    Besson Sovereign Bb cornet for sale.

    I currently play the cornet. However, I am having to sell it due to the band buying a new set of instruments, which the whole cornet section must play.


    Stephen Wilkinson
    (Principal Cornet, Brighouse & Rastrick)
  3. pakersh

    pakersh New Member

    interested in cornet

    I have recently joined a British Brass Band here in the United States, and I am looking for a Sovereign 928. What model is yours, and is it still available?
  4. StephenWilkinson

    StephenWilkinson New Member

    Sovereign 928

    It is the original Besson 928 sovereign cornet.

    Let me know if you are interested.


    Stephen Wilkinson
    Brighouse & Rastrick-Principal Cornet
  5. pakersh

    pakersh New Member

    need more details please

    yes, I am looking for a Besson Soveriegn. what can you tell me about the model, bore size, coloration, overall quality. I also need to know what shipping costs are.

    thank you
  6. StephenWilkinson

    StephenWilkinson New Member

    the bore size is 466"

    let me know if you are interested

  7. pakersh

    pakersh New Member

    quite interested

    I would like to get some photos if possible. I also have a band mate who is also looking for a Sovereign, so I guess we would both like to know as much about your cornet as possible.

    We also want to know what the shipping costs are to send the horn to the US.
  8. Lisa_c

    Lisa_c New Member


    Hello Stephan,

    Is the Xeno still for sale? Am VERY interested :)

  9. Mercedes

    Mercedes Member

    Hi, How much?
  10. basebonetone

    basebonetone Member

    Hi steve, u having to sell your instrument to supplement poor teachers pay!!!!
    Hope you're well mate.

  11. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    I digress slightly, here, but if a band told me which instrument to play, I'd tell them to get knotted. Best of luck selling your instrument, though.
  12. StephenWilkinson

    StephenWilkinson New Member

    Both instruments are now sold.

    Duncan - Thanks for your input. As a cornet section we decide which instrument we purchase. The band do not simply tell us what to play.
  13. Bass Trumpet

    Bass Trumpet Active Member

    Thanks for clearing that up, Stephen. The way I read it was that your band had somehow done a deal with somebody to all play on Yorks, or Besson or something like that and you all had to lump it!

    Of course, you would have been consulted - my post was a bit tongue-in-cheek anyway. However, I have heard a few horror stories in the past about players being 'gently persuaded' to play the sponsor's choice of instrument as opposed to their personal preference. I teach at the RAF Central Band and the euph players there are totally fed up with having to play on the band Bessons. Nobody wants to use them, but the Director of Music decreed that that's what they play. Until he's not looking, then they get their Willson's out!

    By the way, sorry your band didn't make the frame last night - terrible No.1 draw; it must be the curse of bands everywhere!

    Cheers mate,
  14. Debs0310

    Debs0310 New Member

    Wondered if any chance you had the sovereign cornet still for sale?
  15. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    I'm guessing that there's your answer....