Yamaha Maestro YCR6335H Lacquered Cornet

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    For sale is in exceptional Yamaha ‘Maestro’ cornet approximately 15 years old. I recently upgraded to another cornet (the sound of which is slightly more desirable in many 1st and champion section brass bands, and for use in my University final recital). Therefore the time has come to sell my Yamaha cornet.

    The cornet comes with sturdy hard case which can fit 4 mutes, and a Dennis Wick 4B (standard mouthpiece).

    The cornet is in very good condition, with perfect valves (which never stop/get stuck) and free moving triggers and slides. It has slight lacquer wear at a few points, mainly where the hands have been holding it. It also has one or two tiny dents which you can only really spot if you're really, really looking for it. It has nothing major wrong which would affect the sound of intonation of the instrument.

    Please remember the Maestro is no longer produced by Yamaha due to the introduction of the Xeno, and these are still considered one of the best 'all rounders' for brass bands. It has a lovely warm tonal quality to it.

    The cornet has been played on front row/repiano cornet in several notable contests including:
    - The West of England Championships 07 (winning 2nd section band)
    - Crawley Entertainment Contest (winning band)
    - The National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain (10th in 2nd section)
    - West of England Championships 08 (6th place 1st section band).

    Viewing and trial of the instrument is available and recommended.
    I’m asking for £695 or a reasonable offer. (new retail price approx. £1200)

    Tel: 07816 217655 or E-mail: matthew@milnes.co.uk

    If you are a distant buyer I will post Special Delivery (next day) which costs £20, so bear this in mind. Unless of course you can pick it up personally from either Southampton or Cirencester.

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