Yamaha Maestro Euph for sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Grunsell, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Grunsell

    Grunsell New Member

    merging posts

    Yamaha Maestro 4 valved Euphonium (silver plated)
    Very very well looked after, i have recently had it customised in the style of the yamaha custom euph, sings on notes above E. as i said very well looked after by me.
    if your interested i will accept offers around the £2800 mark
    thankyou very much

    normally £3849
    and its great for students :)
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  3. TP Euph

    TP Euph Member

    Which E? If we're talking leger lines I'll have it! Last one of them I went for snapped the lead pipe on my 1week old Sovereign. Never did understand that non-pressure thing...:-?
  4. Grunsell

    Grunsell New Member

    yeah above the stave the notes just seem to become a lot easier and its top note is only limited by the players ability
    do you want to try it out ?? because we could meet somewhere ?
  5. Grunsell

    Grunsell New Member

    are you still interested ??
    oh and if your wondering why im selling it
    its because one of the york euphs have caught my eye and im trying to buy that with the money i make from this plus money from my 17th ;)
  6. TP Euph

    TP Euph Member

    Sent you a PM.

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