Yamaha Maestro Cornet for sale!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Rosie, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Rosie

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    The time has come for me to sell my lovely Yamaha Maestro to another owner...I've seen the light and swapped to horn :tongue:

    • Comes with sturdy hard case which can fit 4 mutes in.
    • Two mouthpieces: the original Yamaha 16e and a Denis Wick.
    • Silver marching lyre.
    • Good condition. Some slight loss of lacquer where the hands have been holding it (well known about Maestros!)
    • One tiny, tiny dent which you can only really spot if you're really, really looking for it.
    • Gold lacquer.
    • Please remember the Maestro is no longer produced by Yamaha due to the introduction of the Xeno, and these are still considered one of the best 'all rounders' for brass bands...our whole cornet section plays on them! Has a lovely warm tonal quality to it.
    • Slides and valves are in extremely good condition...they don't stick at all so no problems with trying to tune up!:tongue:
    • Hasn't been used for a whole year as I've now changed instrument, so it needs a good home now!!
    Really attached to this instrument so I hope I can send it to a good home!

    Asking for £795 or nearest offer.

    Will post Special Delivery (next day) which costs £19 as far as I'm aware, so bear this in mind. Unless of course you can pick it up personally. I live near St Austell, Cornwall.

    Contact me via my Username on here, my email: somemad******swall@hotmail.com or phone: 07817027818
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    Rosie - you might want to edit your email address as the tMP filter has done its work...:)
  3. Rosie

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    Ok, let's just say, PM for details then! Hehe...apologies for the Pink Floyd lyric!
  4. Rosie

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    This cornet is now reduced to £700 o.n.o (plus £19 p.p)

  5. Rosie

    Rosie Member

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  6. Rosie

    Rosie Member

    Now reduced to £565 plus p.p. For sale for another 6 hours only!
  7. Rosie

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  8. dyl

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  9. Rosie

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    It's Cornish mathematics!:tongue:

    Final offer is now: £450 (plus p.p) See ebay link for full details.

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