Yamaha Enhance Xeno Series With New Cornet

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    Yamaha's recent annual EXPO event saw the unveiling of a newly designed XENO cornet as a prelude to the introduction of a full range of 'top end' brass band instruments.

    This announcement follows unprecedented recent success the company has enjoyed with new XENO Trumpet and Trombone professional models.

    The new model has been developed in close collaboration with some of the worlds best players and in particular Professor David King, Head of Performance studies at the University of Salford and principal conductor of the YBS band who has worked closely with Frankfurt based Yamaha instrument maker and designer Thomas Lubitz over the past 2 1/2 years to ensure the new instrument broke new ground for Yamaha.

    [IMGLEFT]http://www.themouthpiece.com/images/yamaha.gif[/IMGLEFT] The XENO cornet , whilst having it's own distinct design characteristics does maintain some of the fundamental and finer features of the earlier Maestro cornet design. With the new model Yamaha have fulfilled their ambitious objectives in aligning greater power and projection whilst maintaining an intrinsically rich quality of sound. The concept of ' solar' sound has been the aim in all phases of the instrument's development.

    The term 'Solar' signifies the unique blending of both warmth and brightness as inseparable components of the innate XENO Cornet sound.

    Yamaha's Charles Bozon comments "no effort has been spared by Yamaha in satisfying the professional expectations demanded from today's most discerning players, we have had invaluable input and feedback from David King and YBS principal Stuart Linguard , our design team and craftsmen have succeeded in converting this, at times very subtle information into a world beating instrument".

    Much pioneering work has also been carried out on the leadpipe and bell of the XENO cornet, Thomas Lubitz explains " These improvements represent massively important design concepts for us as a dedicated producer of world class instruments. The built in resistance has been increased while there is also greater projection which we can describe as a oneness of sound which is vital in section playing."

    The new Cornet has been developed with two metal options of tapered bell and will be available in either gold or yellow brass. Subtle changes have also been made to the valves which have undergone exhaustive tests in order to ensure they are 100% efficient and the action dynamic.

    Prices are £1849 and £1899 for lacquer and silver plated models respectively. There is no price differential for bell material options..............Please visit www.yamaha-music.co.uk for more details
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    mine is on it's way soon (Y)
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