Yamaha 652 Trombone for Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Bakaman, Oct 13, 2009.

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    This is a really nice trombone, 8" bell, 0.5" bore with lovely rose brass lacquer finish. Not sure of the age, suspect it to be mid 70s.

    I bought it 15 years ago, from a keen trombonist, but lack of opportunity left it unplayed until this year. Pretty good condition and perfectly presentable.

    Lacquer is at least 95% there, tuning slides work fine, as does the main slide.
    Slide is in very good order, no wear on the stockings.

    Currently using this as a solo instrument in a big band. It is capable of a range of sounds from warm and broad right through to piercing. A superb lead/solo machine.

    Read about any of the 650 series Yamaha trombones and you will see that they were the professional horn of the day, and seem to be pretty universally highly regarded.

    Original yamaha case is the older style, which means that it has space for a couple of mutes in it too. Good general condition.

    I'm looking for £275 please.
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    Price Reduced

    Price Reduced for Quick Sale - now £250
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    Trombone Sold - thanks for interest

    Trombone Sold - thanks for interest

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