Yamaha 613H Bass Trombone

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  1. BassBoneMatt

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    Hi all,

    I am looking at moving on my beloved Yamaha YBL-613H Bass Trombone very soon. It is 3 years old approximately, and has been very well looked after. There is lacquer wear around the handgrip area, although I will have the handgrip refinished if aesthetics is a problem? Apart from that, the instrument is pretty much as new. It has been very well blown in, and I have used it in all environments, from big bands to symphony orchestras. Its been my main instrument for the past 3 years, and it really is a joy to play. It's a very responsive horn, and very easy to play. The build quality is typical Yamaha, perfect and flawless!

    If anyone wants any details at all, please contact me!

    I will upload some pictures as soon as.

    Please email me if anyone has any questions at all, or if you are interested? I'm on matthew.denney(at)tesco.net replace (at) with @ :)

    I have asked around a few places, and we're looking at around £1400. So that is what I am looking for, or nearest offer...

    I am not going to let this go for much less, as it's got a lot of sentimental value, but I have a genuine reason for needing to sell this instrument, and i'm going to be gutted to see it go!

    I am based just outside Blackpool, and wouldn't really want to courier it, but its all negotiable...

    Thank you all very much for reading!

    Very best wishes,

  2. BassBoneMatt

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    Been thinking about this one, if anyone wants to make an offer, or are interested in doing a deal, please don't hesistate to contact me. I am open to offers... matthew.denney@tesco.net
  3. Frosty

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    I'll give you £10 for it. Maybe £20 if you get me in a good mood!!
  4. flugelgal

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    Oo a bidding war. Wish I could justify buying one just now, but I can't really. Will have to wait until I can actually play one first I think. The asking price sounds like a pretty good deal - I bet there are none like this around next year if I'm looking then! Good luck with the sale!

    (£75) ;-)
  5. BassBoneMatt

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    Cheers for starting that Frosty.. i'll do a swap for your Rath if you fancy, you know its tempting! ;)

    I'd like it gone as soon as, not that it isn't a phenomenal trombone, it really is great, but i've found that Edwards basses work much better for me, but would also like to get into something different. Thanks for the comms! Somewhere around that price.. I'll try get some pictures this weekend!

    I am interested in trades or part-ex for some serious modular horns, Edwards B454's, never tried Rath's, but email me... I'm trying to get into a modular horn, so then I can always customise if need be, but I have had some great experiences with Edwards basses!!
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  6. Frosty

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    You've never tried a Rath but would swap for mine! It might be useless!
    I think you should call the guys at Huddersfield and see what they have. If you're looking at a couple of grand you won't get a brand new one but that's what you're looking at with your pals Edwards.

    You should at least try a Rath to compare it.

  7. BassBoneMatt

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    Cheers Frosty,

    There was some sarcasm involved with the "i'll do a swap for your Rath if you fancy, you know its tempting! ;-) " I keep meaning to get over to Huddersfield, as I have been in touch with Chris and Mick recently. The only reason I said i'm open to trades/part-ex on this is if there is one about which someone is interested in, I could try what is on offer, and if I find I like it, then so be it. With either being modular, I could always swap out components if I find something really doesn't work for me.
    With the Edwards, I have tried several different ones, and I know they work well for me. My mate is going to let me trial his for a month or so, so I can be very sure, but I could be looking at a great deal with that one, considering its hardly been used and is in great nick. Never know, I could try it at home and think its s**t...
    Either way, who knows what i'll end up going for, i'm certainly not set on anything just yet, but I want to get in early, as I know that horns of that nature work well for me, and i'd like to start using one since I'm taking playing much more seriously now, and have some big things coming up. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with the Yamaha, it is awesome!! Really a great piece of kit, just I like the feel of larger Edwards basses i've tried pretty much. I'm not really considering Raths, until I get the chance to try one properly.
    In the ideal world, i'd be back on the blower to Phil Parkers and ordering a Shires, which I have tried....Oh my. I'll go and check me EuroMillions ticket again, just to be sure!!!

    Anyway, back to the sale. As above, if anyone's interested either way, I'm open to ideas, or a sale, please contact me.
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  8. BassBoneMatt

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    Hey guys,

    Just had this bass serviced, and sorted. I've been told it's worth £1600 by a very renowned music supplier, so £1400 is a great price in my mind, and won't come down realistically.

    Many thanks!! :)

  9. BassBoneMatt

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    I've sold the Yamaha, and have had decent trials on both Edwards and Yamaha basses, and am now an Edwards man! Very very happy!! :) Anyone with Edwards components and accesories, email me!