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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by gcbtrom, Nov 5, 2009.

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    Using a Yamaha 51L Mouthpiece that came with dads Maestro Euph, I'm wondering if anyone has any specs on it?

    I've found a few Yam 51's but not in the 51L format...

    Thank you
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    Yamaha uses the "L" suffix to identify a model as large shank, i.e., 51 = small shank, 51L = large shank.

    Interesting that your dad's Maestro came with a 51: in the US, Canada, and Japan, they ship with a 53L, which is quite a bit larger than the 51L (25.91 dia/7.11 throat vs 25.23 dia/6.92 throat).
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    He got the Maestro a good 3/4 years ago as it was the same time I got my Xeno trombone, which came with a 48 and IMHO was rubbish for the bone. So don't know if theyve recently changed

    Looking to get a stainless steel or Wick equivelent because the end of the shank is quite flat and square and doesnt really sit flush with the leadpipe (if you get me)
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    Ok, I'm now after a 51D Largebore mouthpiece. I love my Kelly 51D but want something in brass.

    Been on most of the UK's music shop sites but can only find a 51 in small bore. I am specifically after a 51D Large Bore.

    Cn anyone help?
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