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Discussion in 'tMP Site News & Suggestions' started by flower girl, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. flower girl

    flower girl Member

    hi, i was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned that every time he uses phonetic spellings instead of grammatically correct ones on the mouth piece he gets complaints and gets told off for it. i was wondering why this was and if there was a rule against using txt language or if it was just for everyones benefit. i personally find that its easier to both read and write txt language.
  2. Di

    Di Active Member

    Indeed there is a rule regarding text speak on tMP.

    Bad Language: Please do not use bad language or make needless, incessant usage of:
    (a) Emoticons
    (b) the "quote" function
    (c) Line breaks or ALL-CAPS
    (d) Swearing or derogatory terms
    (e) "txt" Speak - which is very hard to read and quite frustrating
  3. flower girl

    flower girl Member

    ah right. that explains it then. i never knew there were any rules on the mouthpiece, except the bad language one.
  4. Darth_Tuba

    Darth_Tuba Active Member

    I don't think there's any excuse for it on here. It's pure laziness. I personally use abbreviations in texts all the time for the simple reason that predictive text can often lead to confusion anyway (people asking for a lift to came rather than band for example) and I can generally get more into a text message and save money. There is no excuse on here though, it isn't easier to read, or that much quicker to type. Let's face it, it looks childish!
  5. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    Here's the extract from the rules regarding the acceptable use of language:
    As the rules state, for many people the use of "txt spk" is very off-putting. There are many who simply will not want to spend time deciphering what is to them like a foreign language. That being so, they will not read the post in question at all, so the point the writer is trying to make will be lost.

    The occasional abbreviation or phrase is alright, but too much will not be permitted, with posts liable to be edited or deleted.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2005
  6. Di

    Di Active Member

    You can see them by clicking here or by following the link "tMP rules" on the bar at the top of the page. ;)
  7. BbBill

    BbBill Supporting Member

    Maybe you can remind Ian Perks of these rules, its pretty annoying reading his replys when he insists on high-lighting POINTLESS WORDS IN CAPITALS when they dont need to be and using lots of smilelys... theres just no need.

  8. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    Txt Spk is one of the annoyances of online forums.
    It isn't clever, it is confusing and I am delighted that tMP (or The Mouthpiece - must not be accused of shortening the name ;) ) has a policy to discourage the use of it.
  9. LeDragon

    LeDragon Active Member

    I find his random use of capitals quite amusing! It wouldn't be the same if he stopped doing it now!
  10. imthemaddude

    imthemaddude Active Member

    I have trouble with kids writing like it at school - whats the point of the hard working English teachers if they are going to write 'u' in an exam. The more you do it the more your likely to do it without realising.
  11. LeDragon

    LeDragon Active Member

    you're ;)
  12. mikelyons

    mikelyons Supporting Member

    And that's another reason - it leads to a lack of ability, never mind care, in the correct use of spelling. It is bad enough that Americanisms are sneaking into the language, without deliberately going out of your way to mis-spell common words.

    As Darth says, it's just laziness when used on a forum like this. There is a place for it in the specialised environment of mobile phone use, but not here.
  13. lottie4744

    lottie4744 Member

    It always tends to be us youngers that use the text speak, but really it is a pain in the ****! I think I went through a phase of typing it and realised i'd typed an english essay. I don't think my english teacher was to impressed with "Othello wnted 2 b" so I went back to typing normally, which proved quicker and easier. And it really is annoying trying to decifer what people are attempting to say!
  14. sevenhelz

    sevenhelz Active Member

    "decipher" I believe.

    Even if the older generation (hi, mike :tongue: ) didn't find it offensive (which is another issue), their poor tired minds are obviously befuddled by text-speak; so it's only courteous to respond in kind with standard english. :D Plus, being able to communicate in a formal fashion is a useful skill which can earn you more respect than a teenage fad which may or may not last - but haven't we discussed this in the thread, A Complaint? Or was it Spilling? Anyone fancy a revival?

    evn if da old peeps dint mind wot we sed, they dun unnerstnd it so b nice, n its gd cuz thn they likez u, therz mor bout dis sumwer els k cyz
  15. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes: or :biggrin: dependent on whether you meant to put in that hyphen or not.

    "Decipher" is definitely correct in English English, but would an American write "decifer"? A quick look in American dictionaries online suggests not, but, given that Google returns 15600 results for it with an 'f' rather than a 'ph', it's surely only a matter of time.
  16. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    If this was directed at me, I wonder how old you think I am.
    PM me the answer if you want - save your possible embarrasment.

    I never said it was offensive - a sign of ill-manners, possibly. A sign that you are incapable of conducting a civilised conversation, quite possibly. A pathetic attempt to try and seem hip and trendy? If the last of these, it fails in a big way.
  17. HBB

    HBB Active Member

    I think she mean Mike Lyons, Mike!
  18. sevenhelz

    sevenhelz Active Member

    Yeah, I did. I have no idea how old trumpetmike is, but having spoken to mikelyons before I can safely say he is not of my generation.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding :)
  19. Okiedokie of Oz

    Okiedokie of Oz Active Member

    As a teacher, I have read about txt being universally accepted a language. So you'd think us old fogies would just shut up and let you young'uns do it. But then again, more people speak Klingon than English these days.....how would you all feel if the sci-fi fans all started speaking Klingon?

    It's a case of speaking a language that is going to be accepted by the most people. The Catholic church abandoned Latin mass for similar reasons. Because tMP covers an amazing collection of people and places, the one language we all speak with near-equal fluency is English.
  20. demelza

    demelza New Member

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