Xmas Music Appeal (for us all)

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    would like to offer a showcase for your compositions and arrangements
    Get your work noticed

    Share Xmas this year :) Join our Amateur Music Community

    The more people who contribute,
    The more Music made FREE of copyright FMFK can offer all Bands.

    The first Original Xmas work will appear at FMFK over the next days.
    If you can, You should :)
    All Contributors Welcome :clap:

    We fully respect all contributions.

    The Database already holds some fantastic work, Free for our Amateur Movement
    Junior and Senior Bands all over the UK are happily performing music from FMFK
    Some, competing at the highest level.


    Note: For commercial (popular - in copyright) Compositions and Arrangements visit Pennine Music Publishing
    Pennine are good guy's always searching for budding Professional talent.
    Offering a fair deal to new Composers and Arrangers.
    Also Check out their Copyright Licence service - For individuals who wish to arrange Commercial Music.
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    I have a basic SA Tune book stlye arrangement of Jackson (While Shepherds) that I am happy to make available (probably of most interest to Oldham/Saddleworth based Bands). How do I contribute it?
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    Contact FMFK via this page

    We need the music in PDF format to make it accessible to everyone.
    Most Scanners save to PDF as do Score applications.

    If you also have a midi file of the work...Great !..we can make this into a sound file.
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  5. its_jon

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    More Free Brass Band Xmas Music at FMFK
    The Community Composition Site

    For our Amateur movement

    The Last Christmas

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    Nice arrangement of Away in a Manger for Band - By John Hind :clap:

    Now Free to download, print and play in our FMFK Brass Band Library

    This is John's second contribution to the Free UK Database serving our Amateur movement.

    If you like the arrangement take some time to follow the Barnardo's link by way of thanks to John Hind

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  8. Hi Jon,

    Just a heads up, the melody from Prokofiev's 'Troika' is a copyrighted work & must not be quoted in any arrangement without permission from his estate (controlled by Boosey in the UK).
  9. its_jon

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    Troika is described everywhere as a Traditional folk tune and dance.
    additionally its over 75 years since it was incorporated into Lieutenant Kije by Prokofiev.

    However.... Will take the parts and score out of the DB and adapt.

    Hopefully Troik'it will be back up soon.
  10. Sadly it doesn't work that way. The music that Prokofiev composed is copyrighted until 70 years after his death (he died in 1953). Even though the 'Troika' may be described as a traditional tune, if the composers music is still in copyright, then it will require permission.

    I suppose you could think of it as, if you composed a Gavotte (a French traditional dance), then just because it's an old style, wouldn't mean that your composition wouldn't be in copyright.
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    Troik'it - 2 well under way. :wink: Should be updated and online in the next couple of days.

    I mainly was reading Troika as a 'traditional' Russian folk tune regardless of its association with Prokofiev.

    Not to worry.

    As a matter of interest, is Korobeiniki copyright free ? as used in Tetris ?
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    Troik'it 2 soundfile .. now online. ;)

    A Big Thanks to Pennine Music Publishing for helping to identify copyright infringement :tup Good Guys.

    Troik'it now much more original :D which is always a good thing.

    Score and Parts to follow soon :icon_cheesygrin:

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    Score's and Parts NOW AVAILABLE .......FREE
    go Troik'it

    Comming Soon to FMFK
    "The Polyphonic Icicles"

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  15. its_jon

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  16. GJG

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    Why are the concert-pitch instruments in a different key than that of the Bb & Eb instruments ... ?
  17. its_jon

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    Lack of ability im afraid.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Have updated the Score now.
  18. GJG

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    Hmm ... I would be very wary of using notation software that actually allowed one to do that ...
  19. its_jon

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    Many Thanks for the help. :D
    Hope you enjoy the Christmas offerings from FMFK

    I can't blame the software though.
    It was something I myself should have spotted.

    Score and parts amended and online HERE

    The Polyphonic Icicles - Sound file HERE


    Note: We are always looking for contributors who are capable with scoring software.

    We don't have Scorch files on the site as we are aware of comparability issues.
    Using the format of separate MP3 to PDF Score we create an equal environment to host scores created from a wide variety of applications.

    For example, The 'Scarborough Fair' arrangement I know to have been created on a decade old scoring application.

    I myself use MuseScore exclusively.
    It is ideal for amateur composers as it is free.
    I started using MuseScore when I changed to a Linux operating system several years ago.
    MuseScore was the best alternative and still in development at the time.
    Today, MuseScore is truly operating system Multi Platform available for Apple And Microsoft systems.
    It is installed on many university machines worldwide.
    It could actually be the most widely used Scoring application in the world by now.

    All audio files on the FMFK site (with the exception of the fantastic Lee Morris generated audio files) have been rendered trough MuseScore from contributors files generated by a range of other scoring applications.

    The top 2/3 commercial Scoring applications are of course very very capable and probably well worth the money charged.
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    Wishing everyone at TMP a stress free Christmas

    Especially those running the site who have had to make some bold decisions.
    My thanks for the admirable way you have handled some tricky predicaments.
    My apologies for using TMP as an arena air frustration earlier in the year.

    Also thanks for all the support for FMFK in 2011 everyone !

    Huge things planned for 2012 :icon_biggrin:


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