Wycliffe Gordon - Who is he - how good is he

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Trombino9, Jul 9, 2008.

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    I'm a trombone player and I keep hearing the name Wycliffe Gordon.Is he a jazz player or a brass band player. I've read that he plays in both styles.How good is he? Is he better than James Morrison?
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    This guy is AWESOME!!!!! i had the pleasure of Depping for the mighty Imps a couple of years back at the trombone festival in Brum.
    Gordon was one ofthe headliners. we played a piece called We Me. what that guy can do with a Trombone is unbelievable!!!! i know i was blown away!!!

    Just found this on the music page hope it works!
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  5. trumpetmike

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    He is incredible.
    Nice guy, incredible trombonist - he has an upper range that most lead trumpeters would kill for! At the recent International Trumpet Guild conference (in Banff) he took a solo following a scream trumpeter, who ended their solo on double C (that's the one the octave higher than most mortals can play) - Wycliffe then STARTED his solo on the same note (for treble clef trombonists this is the C that is two and a half octaves above the treble clef!
    What is even more annoying - it sounded GOOD, lol.

    Somewhere I have a wonderful picture of him wearing a certain wig, but there have been various threats to remove bits of my anatomy if it appears online, lol.
  6. Brian Bowen

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    I heard him play with Brass Band of Battle Creek earlier this year. Probably the loudest I've ever heard a trombone played at one point -- it was a jazzy duet number. He also played piano in same concert.

    He used to play with Wynton Marsalis and I think he teaches at Juilliard in Manhattan. Obviously very good at what he does.
  7. brassneck

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    He's Professor of Jazz Studies at Julliard. I would like to hear him and Ray Anderson do a duet some day ... both using plungers, of course! That would be really interesting and entertaining, don't you think?
  8. johnsop

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    I apologise, I only meant that he is not a brass band trombonist such as Brett Baker, or a trombonist who appears with a regular contesting band.

    He is still awesome though!!
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    He is also quite a talented composer.. some of the Marsalis septet albums feature his works.

    BLACKSHEEP New Member

    Wycliffe Gordon

    I have heard this trombone player in the past and yes he is ok. Why all the questions should we watch out for him in the UK if he did visit I would certainly be interested in tickets.
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    Takes a lot to impress some people. Just OK lol? He is awesome!
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  13. iRyan

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    Aye, he was probably one of the best at that Trombone festivel two years back, if that was when it was. I've got a CD of him, just immense.
  14. 2nd man down

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    My god!! Those links are amazing!! Awesome!!!! :eek:
  15. Nuke

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    Was playing for imps on that concert ,in fact i think it was one of my first concerts for the band, anyways.
    Wycliffe Gordon is an absolutely exceptional trombone player. Watching someone of that calibre perform live and then also accompanying him was an absolute honour.
  16. lynchie

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    Yeah he's not bad eh? Definitely someone I'd love to see live some day.
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    Wycliffe Gordon at RAH Gala Concert?

    I been told that the awsome trombone player Wycliffe Gordon is appearing at the RAH National Finals Gala Concert.
    Can anyone confirm?
    I'd go and listen if he was.... would you?

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